Thursday, August 17, 2017

Turkey Dinners Goes On A Road Trip!

I am the last guy to know what is going on around here.  Turns out, Sherman went on an Ocean Crossing Cruise.....OK, OK, it was just the Coho Ferry.

I should have known something was up as I have heard Janet and Phil talking about how much he beats me up when he is playing and doesn't know when to stop.  Also, I have heard mention of "Amber's Dad" and walking from "Oxford to Bath".  These are not normal topics of conversation.

Phil says good bye to Turkey Head Dinners on Saturday.  Believe it or not, even Phil is sad!
Apparently, he was as good as gold on the ferry, which seems highly unlikely as he is a major jackass at home.

These incredibly obvious sad puppy dog eyes sucked in all kinds of strangers to comment on how cute he is and how well behaved he is.  Fools!

A fellow  passenger took this photo for Janet.  She double checked to make sure that Janet didn't want a second photo, but Janet assured her that only cosmetic surgery could improve the photo and the ferry was docking in 30 minutes!

Shadow of Janet included.
He met up with Watty Man and sadly, they didn't take to each other.  Kidding!
And, just like that, Sherman started residence in Camp USA!  Bye, bye little pain in the ass!

Sad, sad Janet returned home by herself.  There were three cruise ships in the harbour.
Janet, still sad, picked up his lunch bowl and put it in the dishwasher.
Turkey Dinners is a major food hound, so has his own private dining room - AKA the back porch!
Say what you want, but I am seriously tired of his tight sit, which I might add is his only skill.  The words "Sherman" and "come" escape him.  Toss out the word "lunch" and you seriously have his attention!

Twice I tried to drag Janet down to the water and she finally caved so I could walk in the water and just stand there!  Good night!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Janet Is Fired! Bigly!

Our disappointment with Janet is acute!  This is the second time in a row she has allowed a big lag in posting on our blog.

What to do?

I'm too old to learn how to type.  That leaves us with Turkey Dinners (Sherman, Shermie Wormie, etc, etc) to do the heavy lifting.

He tried his paw at penmanship, but it didn't work out too well.

Formerly known as a pen!

He spends way too much time watching television and loves sports shows.
And, he likes to sit on my head!

He lives to steal food from the kitchen counter and is too stupid to know he might get in trouble.

He is also afraid to go past the vacuum hose and likes to get muddy.

 Sherman is also afraid of the garden hose!  Sorry, thyme, oregano and rosemary!  In other words, he has the attention skills of a knat and also won't be able to learn to type.

 He does have a small fan club, so perhaps we could tap into them?

We could ask Phil to give us a hand, but thanks to Turkey Dinners, Phil no longer owns eyeglasses!  Guess we are stuck with Janet and her newly found crappy blogging skills!

We had visitors!  First we had Briana and Ted.
Before you knew it, it was bye, bye!
Then, we had Meg, Derek and Finley.  Water Park fun at Carnarvon!

Big time fun on the SUP until a dip in the water happened!

Good night!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Janet Is a Lame Butt Blogger, Happy Belated Canada Day and We are a Part Time Doggy Boarding Facility!

Sheesh...where to start....for sure, Janet is a lame ass blogger of late.  She has all kinds of excuses, but none of them fly in the face of truth.  Still, Janet Trump  insists on doubling down on them!

For sure, we have a kick ass Canadian flag that we proudly flew from the second floor of our house.  Good news - Canada is 150 years old!  Bad news - Phil graduated from High School 50 years ago!  Janet swears she was a tiny tot when Canada turned 100 years old.  She can say whatever she wants, but her solid grey hair begs to differ.

Of late, we have had some doggy pals stay with us.  First was Lola.  She was lukewarm on Janet, but loves Phil.  She followed him everywhere.
Who doesn't love F1 racing, Lola asks?
Turkey Dinners tried to make pals with her, but it was a one way street.
Then we had Miss Bean as a guest.  Bean, just like Lola is super sweet, but it would appear that none of our guests wants to play with Sherman.  Who can blame them?  He is a major pain in the butt!

This cute guy is Larry!  Apparently, he and Sherman kicked butt for a couple of hours.  Sherman had a real solid sleep after that!

This is Turkey Dinners "go to move" when trying to engage me:  sit on my head!

Good night everyone!  To our really, really small handful of followers:  please tell Janet to kick her blogging up a paw or two!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Nova Scotia Suicide Doors!

Janet said there were an abundance of doors in Nova Scotia that could lead to instant death, or at the very least, a broken leg.  Here a just a few of the many they spotted.

In Lunenburg, they take pedestrian safety very seriously!  Check out the flags, flag holder and a "pedestrian" implementing the flag system.
 The public washroom in Lunenburg is super!  New, nice and clean with tile work that are paintings done by local school children.

On the way back to Halifax, they stopped at Peggy's Cove.  Janet thought it was highly overrated.  They claim to have the most photographed lighthouse in Canada.  This may very well be true, but Janet was of the opinion that it wouldn't have killed them to throw on a coat of paint!

They stayed at the Alt Hotel, which is attached to the airport.  This worked out well as they had a very convenient flight time of 5:25AM!!  This is the price you pay when Mrs. Cheapskate decides to redeem points.  In a very thin attempt to justify this stupid flight time,  she told herself - "we will be home before noon and have the whole day ahead of us".  Too bad she was so knackered from the trip she didn't have the strength to enjoy her whole day at home!

Bonus at the Alt Hotel - on Wednesday night, the manager has a social evening!  Wine, beer, soft drinks and!
There wasn't a real dining room, but rather pretty good pre-made food available at the bar.
This was on the wall of the hotel bathroom and Janet thought it was really cute!
Janet always wants to make "friends" with her hotel towel, but Phil prefers to throw it on the floor after one use.  This would explain the number of towels in the laundry at home, after each and every squash game!

Saturday, June 10, 2017


What a delight!  Janet says Lunenburg is a really beautiful place to visit.  It's a UNESCO World Heritage Sight!

They wandered around the first day without an agenda.  That afternoon they called to book a walking tour at 10AM the next morning and were super glad they did.

The first day on their own, they were hoping to go into this church, but as is more and more the case everywhere, churches are no longer left open during non worship hours.

Construction was started many years previous, but it was deemed in 1763 that the building was "neat and commodious".  Part of the walking tour involved being able to enter the church and learn about the fire in 2001 that destroyed much of the building.  It took 4 years to restore the church.

St. John's Anglican Church
There are stars painted on the ceiling above the chancel and if you can believe this, someone actually took the time to calculate when and where the stars would have been in that position.  This is clearly someone who has a whole lot more brain power than .....nevermind!
The relatively plain exterior gave no clue to how incredibly beautiful the interior was.

This sign was inside the church and Janet really liked it.

This is Adams & Knickle Company and they are scallop fisherman.

These incredibly delicious morsels were delivered every day and by good luck, Janet and Phil's favourite restaurant in Lunenburg, The Salt Shaker Deli was right next door!  Having said that, almost everything in Lunenburg is literally right next door!

They also visited Ironworks Distillery, which is located in a really old Iron Mongers building.   They went on a tour and did some tasting after.  This is a really sludgy mess that is going to turn into something delicious down the road!

There were so many beautiful homes that it was hard to pick out which ones were the best.

Real estate in Nova Scotia is a fraction of the cost of real estate in Victoria.  This, however, might be a deterring factor for relocating:
It is now a bylaw in this part of Nova Scotia that if you are not in the town proper, you need to put one of these signs on your front lawn.  Why?  That's how high the snow can get in the winter!  Ouch!