Monday, March 20, 2017

Worst. Day. Ever.

It actually happened!  I had lulled myself into a sense of complacency believing I was dealing with "alternative facts"!  I was so wrong.  Little shit head, Sherman, arrived on Thursday.
Here he is, in his crate at the airport before it is unlocked.

The really bad news is that he is as cute as could be.  He has a cute little jaunty walk, sleeps in super cute positions and has a cute fat tummy.

Janet and Phil are so blind to his manipulation they actually believe he is risking life and limb to descend the stairs!

I don't want to be friends with him.  I started out trying to ignore him, but have had to resort to barks and growls.  He still doesn't get it!  If he thinks he can charm me, he can dream on.

In my final act of solo lashing out, I started to dig around in a grocery bag Phil brought home.  Janet assumed it was stuff from A Pet's Life, but it turned out to be a really delicious bagel that I polished off in no time flat!
At Janet's work they had a special dinner, cooked and sponsored by the cooking school at Camosun College.  Very fancy!

They also had a huge donation of asparagus!  Check it out!
Janet and Phil went to their Elton John concert that they said was sensational!  Started at 8PM sharp and went on for a solid 2.5 hours.

Lucky for this lady, she wasn't blocking Janet's view.  Whilst Janet admired her joie de vivre and lack of inhibition, she is not having a $500 evening out to look at somebodies ass!
The downside to the floor - you stand all concert long!
Janet always cuts Phil grief as he is really lame at using the stove.  He has, in the past, put something on the stovetop and gone to his office to work and wreaked havoc.  Electric kettle on U.K. "hob" anyone?

Turns out Janet has precious little to complain about.  She was making some hummingbird food and completely forgot about it.  The end result?
Lest you think Janet was languishing in the far wing of our manor house:
See that black stool - that's where Janet was sitting while the sugar and water were turning itself into a charred mess.
Good night!
Nope!  I am not going to be pals with you!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bad Stores

One of Janet's volunteer jobs at Our Place Society is to help the program director, Patricia.  Once every couple of months, she troops downtown to the Dollar Store to purchase "readers".  She says the least expensive of the two shops downtown is an absolute shit hole.  Turns out they have been closed down as the building is unsafe - rodent droppings, mold, asbestos and this barely scratches the surface.  Previous to volunteering, Janet had never been to the Dollar Store.  She has had a cough for about three weeks and is convinced it's asbestos related.  Crazy Lady Janet says she may seek a legal remedy!!
The only downside to the store closing is several people will be out of work.
Next up on the bad stores list are nearly all grocery stores.  Expensive, lack of selection and bad produce.  This was a turning point for Janet:
Cilantro - purchased one day previous and fully rotten in the middle.  While it's true that cilantro only cost $0.99, when you need it at 7PM the next day, who wants to run to the store to replace it?
Today, she tried Peppers, which is a bit further away, but not a big deal.  She was explaining to Phil that they give a 10% discount for Seniors on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and that she was pissed because they never asked her.  Phil says "no problem, just take the receipt back next time you go and get the discount".  Now Janet is super pissed as he didn't understand they gave her the discount WITHOUT asking if she was a Senior.  All Phil had to say was "ooooh"

Speaking of more bad things, this is what is coming soon to a location near me!  Apparently, his name is Sherman and we now have special food, special leash, special harness, special crate, special ex pen.....shall I go on?  I am determined to give him the cold shoulder!
 A month or so ago, we asked the Handyman Phil to fix the door knob in the bathroom.  he "kind" of fixed, only for it to fall off while Janet was at home by herself this morning.  She was trapped and had no access to a phone.  Fortunately, as nothing ever gets put away around here, there were two screwdrivers in a cabinet that she was able to use to free herself!
What if it had happened on the weekend at 7PM while Phil was out of town?  Janet could have spent the whole night, sleeping in the bathtub with a towel for a blanket!
Justin Trudeau was in town last week.  This drew all kinds of police and people protesting the Kinder Morgan Pipeline.

I would like to be a protesting doggie!
Janet has been busy quilting.  Two off to Arlene, long arm quilt lady and one in the works.

Jack and Gwen have lived on our street for more than 40 years!  They are now moving to an easy care, one level townhouse.  We are having a party!
We hope the invitees are smart enough to know it's at our house, as the "graphic designers" neglected to put on the venue address!
And look what else is exciting!  They cost the earth, so it better be worth it!
Good night.  I need to rest up before my arch nemesis arrives!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Valentine's Day

Janet did our last post on Valentines Day as early as possible to free up the evening for opening of gifts and going out for dinner.

At about 9PM, Janet reminded Mr. Romance it was Valentines Day.  Dinner = whatever Janet made.

The collection of gifts =
Abso-f**ck-lutely nothing!  This is now filed in Janet's memory bank.  This may or may not be a problem for Phil as quite frankly, Janet's memory sucks big time, although it does appear to be more acute for shit she wants to harbour and nurture.
Janet has been half sick/half well for more than three weeks.  She wishes her cold/flu would grab hold so she could be really ill for a couple of days and then move on.  As a result, she has been working with half a brain for way too long.

To wit - Janet's loves the Volunteer Manager, Julia, at Our Place Society.  Julia is now going to a new job, so Janet wanted to give a quilt to Julia on behalf of everyone at OPS.  Here is the quilt:

Photos of Julia receiving the quilt?  No.  Photos of Julia's bye bye party?  No.
This photo of a bathtub, filled with hot water probably isn't very exciting to anyone.  Unless your name is Janet.
We don't have a hot water tank.  We have hot water on demand.  For months, the flow of water has become increasing noisy, with a big clunk part way through.  Charlie, our Gas Man said it need to be checked out immediately.
Hot Water On Demand unit.  Never bursts, like too many water tanks we have had!  Isn't our basement to die for?
A valve was required and had to come from outside Victoria.  This is how Janet bathed for more than a week!  There was so little water in the tub, it didn't cover her calves!
Janet says she thinks it's a very sad situation when just after a couple of days, you now have a "system" for your new bathing habits!
I fear there is some bad news on my front.  First, I hear a lot of mention of the "P" word and then I see this on the computer screen this afternoon.  This is NOT the kind of food I eat!!
I just love my Teddy Bear so much!

Good night!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Janet Returns From Her Blog-Cation!

A series of incidents have prevented us from posting on our pupplog.

First, in a failed effort to sync her fitbit to her iPad and upgrade her iPhone, tech savey Janet lost ALL the photos on her iPhone.  When she explained this to Phil, he said.."no, no..remember, I removed all the photos for 2015".  He didn't understand it was every single photo.  This was devastating!  Second, Janet has been in varying degrees of cold/flu almost since they arrived home from Spain.

However, today marks four full weeks without an update on our rich and diverse lives, so we decided it was about time!

One of the first things Janet did after they arrived home was to make some chicken stock and in turn, make the stock into homemade Wor Won Ton Soup.  The stock was easy - a recipe from Smitten Kitchen that was done in Janet's fancy pants slow cooker.  The stock was super.

The won tons, not so much.  Janet is very familiar with Gyoza, which are Japanese dumplings.  Gyoza skins are fairly thick, so easy to fold.  Won Ton skins are much thinner, thus more difficult.

End result, after hours of work and using every bad word she knows, the Won Ton Soup was only marginally better than a restaurant version.
This falls into the "not bloody likely again department".  Phil told Janet his client, who is house hunting and currently staying in a motel with a kitchenette makes his own Won Ton Soup from scratch - including making the dough!  He uses a bottle to roll out the dough!
We also had some painting done, which was super for me as I was able to bond one on one with my favourite painter.
She loved the way I touched her leg with my paw.
And, we had some doggie play dates.  Now that I am 11 years old, I am less likely to frolic and more likely to be crafty and scheming.

First Miss Bean from next door came to stay overnight.  I spent three weeks with Miss Bean while Janet and Phil skipped town went to Spain.  Amber brought over Bean's bed and guess what - it's way better than mine!
She tried to pal up with me.
I allowed Bean to share in our Friday Night Peter Edamame party.
See the home made chicken broth on the stove top?

When it was nighty night time, I forced her to sleep on my sub-standard lumpy bed whilst I sawed logs and counted dog cookies on hers.

Unfortunately, I made a tactical error and got off Bean's bed briefly in the middle of the night.  She reclaimed it in a heart beat, which only strengthens my argument as to why Mr. and Mrs. Tightwad can't buy me a new one!!

Next up was Lola!  She was only here for the day and we engaged with each other from opposite ends of the Manor.
Lola is super cute and super little.

Phil made me look silly with this We Three Kings of Orient costume.
We had snow....lots of it in just one day!
Only in Victoria, would riding a sleigh down a small slope be considered huge fun!  Janet says she remembers tobogganing on the "huge" hill in front of Lacombe Home in Midnapore.  Lacombe Home was built in 1910 and was originally a refuge for orphans, the aged and the poor, which sounds like it might border on a prison camp.  Janet thinks it was a Catholic school when she was a child and it was run by Nuns wearing their full habit.  For some odd reason, it was fun to hit huge bumps, careening down the hill and crashing.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Time To Go North!

Janet and Phil bid a sad farewell to their biking village, Montecorto.  They loved the quiet, laid back and non touristy aspect of this great spot.

Look!  Phil didn't actually turn the heat on under the Spanish electric kettle!
The kitchen of their villa.
Bye bye, Villa!
Bye, bye Village Centre Fountain!
Bye, bye Churro cart that comes every Saturday??
This was a piece of news and obviously had left after Janet and Phil arrived the previous Saturday.  Janet resisted the urge to try the really crispy, greasy deliciousness!
Enroute to Cordoba, they stopped at an old Roman Theatre.
These men were shaking the Olive trees to release the ripened olives into the net below.

They stopped in the town of Osuna to have lunch.  Yes, it's true that Janet's phone has internet access and it's also true she couldn't be bothered to look anything up.  Worst. Lunch. Ever.  You know you are in serious trouble when two minutes after you order, two people are rummaging through two different freezers to find the goods to make your lunch. 
There aren't enough words in Janet's bad language vocabulary to describe this effing french fry extravaganza!  It's ll the same colour!

The above really bad lunch, was however, a major learning curve for Janet.  There wasn't any toilet paper in the "Servicios".  We are not talking about a toilet paper holder that was empty as there wasn't even a holder.  There was simply no toilet paper to be had.  Happened the next day as well at a different restaurant.  End result:  Never leave your hotel without some!

They left after barely eating Bad Lunch One and Janet plugged her brain in.  Right across the square, was Trip Advisor #4 restaurant where lunch was fabulous!
This particular days choices of tapas.

Janet says they had two nights in Cordoba.  They spent some time at an ancient Mosque - Mezquita.  It also has a Christian church built with in.  Very beautiful.
Spaniards obvioulsy love to dine in the sun.

They then drove from Cordoba to Toledo, which was a bit more of a car ride that Janet had bargained for.  They stopped in a random town, La Carolina and ate at a random bar that turned out to have delicious food.
Migas....who knew such incredible food existed!

Flamenquin....ham, pepper and cheese rolled inside thin pork and deep fried.  Yummy!

This is a selection of Olive oil.  AT A GAS STATION!!!  Unbelievable!