Sunday, April 20, 2014

Janet Cleans Up!

Janet wants to sew in the middle room upstairs, so has been busy cleaning it out.  She sorted cookbooks; saving some and Jeremy is taking the rest to Russell  Books.  Too bad Kim wasn't around...she could have ball parked the prices for us!  She recycled almost all of her Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines, some of which date back to 1997! We saved all of the Bon Appetit Barbeque issues as Janet says those are her favourites.

Janet is almost finished the quilt she did pretty much on her own.  She took it to her class on Thursday and Lezlie, the instructor assisted squared it up.  Then she (this time meaning Janet, not Lezlie) attached the binding, which she is finishing off by hand and started the next project!
It hasn't been washed yet and is a cornucopia of colours, due many, many you know what ups!  Janet says she is still pretty proud!

This is the next quilt, baby size again.  Janet ordered the fabric from Fat Quarter Shop online and had it sent to Mike and Bronwyns.  It's called "Giraffe Crossing" and Janet thinks it's super cute.
Mr. Baby Comes To Town!  He arrived on Friday and already, I, Pashy am becoming good buds with him.  I'm pretty sure he adores me!  Let's face it, what's not to love!

Mr. Baby goes for Pizza!  Well, his handlers did whilst he looked on with envy.
Is that Diavolo or Panne e Pancetta I see over there.....out of my grasp!  Mr. Baby's handlers tossed him a couple of crumbs of crust which seemed to do the trick.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Here are some things you might not know about my brother, Rockers.

He was really big, and really gentle and really sweet. probably did know that.  He was also afraid of his own shadow and wouldn't walk past something that was not normally on his walk - for instance, a road cone.

He wants to come in from outside but needs for the person holding the door open to get completely out of his path.
Wouldn't it be great if we were brave enough to walk past Zambo?  On the other hand, we can just stand here and wait.  We know she will go to the kitchen at 8PM as that's when she gets her treat of canned cat food.  It's about 10AM now, so that should be doable.  Apparently, Meg's kitty didn't get the memo advising cats need to fear dogs.

Rockers was really well behaved and almost never did anything wrong (wuss!  I live to get into trouble!).  Well, almost never!  And, he lets them get photographic evidence!
They were Shortbread Cookies for the SPCA Christmas Bake Sale.  He felt it prudent to sample them.
Was that wrong?

He could run like the wind.

And jump up high!

He could single pawedly get breakfast for all of us with one bark!
Just try and deny him, Janet!

He couldn't frolic on his back like I can.

The sectional was pretty much his domain once it arrived in our house.
This is his Really. Important. Doggie. Sit.  Otherwise known as "oh, you're home!"

He would wiggle the door knob with his nose to let you know he wanted to go outside.  And, if the
door was just slightly ajar, he could open it up with his nose.
We liked to sleep together.
For years, every time Janet had a bath, he would leave wherever he was and come and lay outside the bathroom door, always on the left hand side.

He loved babies and small children.

This is the life....complete adulation!

He loved Headless Janet!

 And he loved Phil.

Watching this F1 racing is "da bomb", buddy!

Janet says they are going to frame a nice photo of Rockers with his paw print.

Monday, April 7, 2014

We Are Getting Better

It has been almost three weeks since Rockers went to Puppy Dog Heaven and we are starting to feel better.  Bronwyn and Mike were here two weekends ago and they left Pashy here, which is great for me.  Especially, because I discovered she has this teddy bear that I love!  Janet left it in the basement after we returned from PDX and when Bronwyn was here she told Janet Pashy loves it.  Turns out, I think it's fun too!

Me with the teddy bear:
Pashy with the teddy bear:
Pashy trying to entice me with the teddy bear:
We dust it up in the backyard, big time.
And then need to take a rest.

I introduced Pashy to something new....kelp!  Now she is always on the hunt when we go to the beach.
The kindness of people never ceases to amaze us.  In addition to Sharon making a donation to the SPCA in Rockers name, the people that live around the corner from us, Keith and Carolyn brought a beautiful card and plant. They had a super doggie named Buddy that passed away about a year ago.  Buddy was well known and loved in our "hood.  Lots of people have called to say how sorry they are.
Janet finished her baby quilt and has been going to Sawyers Sewing Centre on Thursday afternoons to attend a class where you bring your own project and there is an instructor there to help you.
Janet is pretty proud, but says her mitered corners need work.
And now, she goes it (almost) alone.  She bought this fabric on Maui with a pattern.  It would appear that Janet is becoming a specialist in choosing patterns that are well beyond her skill level.  Thus far, the free pattern online for the baby quilt had the most complete directions.  Karen helped her cut out the first 1/4 yard of fabric and Janet did the rest on her own.  Due to several missteps there is a lot of "design element" involved in this project.
See the red polka dot fabric, formerly known as the binding.  Not any more!

Monday, March 31, 2014

A Message From The Other Side

It's me....Rockers!  I made the long, final journey to Puppy Dog Heaven.  Not in any way do I want to encourage anyone to join me anytime soon,  but I have to say it's pretty fabulous!  I feel like this is what Hawaii would be like....if for instance we had ever been invited on a trip!  Sunny all the time, long sandy beaches (and no one cares if you drag sand into the house; take note Janet!), treats all day long and tons of doggy "sectionals" to sit on.

I did my best to hide how sick I was and held on like the trooper I am until I couldn't go any longer.  I'm sorry everyone is so sad.  I could hear Phil talking on the phone when we were at the clinic and I know it almost broke him apart to call Janet and Bronwyn and tell them I wasn't coming home.

I have already run into some old pals....Drucie from across the street, Lola and Bronx (they were better pals with Noodles when she was doggie in exile, but I still like them) Kuro and Licorice (previous Illingworth dogs) and good old Rubby Dubs!  We frolic and frolic some more.

Mike and Bronwyn - thanks for adopting us and bringing us to Victoria.  Phil - thanks for all the evening walks and making our delicious meals.  Noodles - thanks for being the best sister ever.  Pashy - thanks for being the best cousin ever.  Zambo - thanks for being the world's most fearsome kitty!  Everyone else in our family - you were the most loving family a doggie could ever hope for.  Janet - you may not believe this right now, but someday soon you will stop crying every time you think about me or are reminded of me.  Phil said you were thinking about dumping our blog because it wouldn't be the same without me....please keep truckin' on!

Noodles and I when we first arrived in Victoria.
Jeremy's friend and former neighbour,  Sharon,  reads Janet's blog.  She is such an incredibly kind and generous person.  She sent Janet a card and made a donation to the SPCA in my memory.  Sharon, you are one of a kind!
My comrades in arms...kind of mourning my absence when they aren't looking for cookies!
It was truly a slice, guys!
Love ya'!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Word Sad Cannot Begin To Touch This Day

Our much beloved Rockers has passed away.  He was sick about a month ago with a high fever but bounced back after an injection of antibiotics.  For the last two days, he wasn't eating, but still wanted to go on his walk yesterday morning.  He quit eating yesterday (including his cookies!) and slept almost all the time.

Phil took him to the vet this morning and we were all pretty much expecting another injection of antibiotics, but we were mistaken.  Phil said between the house and the clinic he began to decline in a major way.  Dr. Smith said his temperature was fine, but something "catastrophic" was going on internally; something that could not be fixed.  Rockers heart was not beating properly and he did not have circulation to his extremities.

Our whole family mourns his passing.  He was originally Bronwyn's dog, so she and Mike are as upset as Janet and Phil.  Noodles and Rockers came as a package deal.

 He was the most sweet and loving dog.  Thanks to Mike and Bronwyn for bringing Noodles and Rockers into our lives.
Last night with Janet's best buddy boy doggie.

The end of the hallway where his "sectional" was.  The empty space at the end of the hallway equates the hole in our hearts.
Phil moved the water down to the "sectional" as Rockers had been incredibly thirsty for the last couple of days.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Quilting House of Horrors!

Pashy finally took a turn at not eating, but it didn't last for too long.  One day.  Janet says that was longer than Bronwyn's stint as a vegetarian when she was a teenager!  Pashy's robust appetite has returned!  Here's our current food system, the variety pak!
On the left, Pashy's food with peas, at the back, Noodles' food with carrots and yam and on the right, mine with ground beef, rice and cottage cheese.
Janet thinks it's so cute the way Pash holds onto her bone.
Janet and Phil splurged and treated themselves to first of the season halibut.
Janet was pretty shocked at how small a piece of halibut was for $13.33!

Look!  It's an all white meal, save for the carrots and big dollop of butter on Skinny Minney's rice!
Janet's fabulous Thursday volunteer friends went for lunch to celebrate Welda's 90th birthday!
From the left, Barb, Janet, Doreen, Katherine and Erin.  Welda, birthday girl is in the front.  Welda comes every Thursday and peels veggies for 3 or 4 hours.  There a couple more Thursday friends, but they were unable to attend. 
We have gone from a Quilting High to the Quilting Doldrums.  Turns out it is difficult to stitch straight lines on a piece larger than a table runner.   In addition, Janet now realizes the table runner was easy and that she isn't the brilliant quilter she thought she was.
Janet's frenemy, the stitch ripper!
Judging by all the bad words we hear, it's safe to assume the stitch ripper spends a lot of time being used.  We fear Janet may wear the fabric out, replacing her stitches!  Let's give up this silly dream, Janet, and go back to something manageable - tag blankies!
After talking to Banana on the weekend, it was ascertained that the trusty Janome Memory Craft 4000 is actually about 20 years old.  Karen offered to loan Janet her old machine which is about 4 or 5 years old.  It even comes with a cute suitcase!

Karen says not to examine so closely.  Janet did check out some quilting blogs and says not everyone's stitching is perfect.