Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Janet Needs Some Serious Excitement In Her Life!

Poor Janet!  It's enough to make a puppy dog weep.  Her life is so dull, it's not even funny.  We just don't know how she can stand it.

Puppy girls - oh, yeah!  We know how to live the good life.

Phil decided to go to Whistler to ski for the weekend, so we had a "staycation".  Talk about quiet and relaxing!  Janet made some stuff for Phil to take to Whistler and to Squamish as he was going there on Friday to have dinner with Mr. Baby.  Mr. Baby can now say "Ya Ya" and "Grandpa".
Ricotta stuffed pasta shells with ground beef and Italian sausage, chocolate chip cookies and blueberry muffins.
Noodles helped Janet with the cooking chores.
Smack dab in the area Janet is working in.

While he was gone, Janet took us twice a day to either Willows or Firemans Park.  Noodles has the exact same routine every time we go to Willows.
She heads over to the far wall and walks toward the sidewalk.
And a different  same routine at Firemans.  Soon Firemans Park will be nirvana!  Those little baseball "playing" tykes will be back and some of them don't have a snowballs chance in hell of catching the balls.  Nor do they care enough to look for them.
Rolling on the baseball diamond while I enjoy a good stick.
We got to frolic in the backyard after Janet cut the grass.  Super fun as we haven't been down there for several months.
See what a clever girl I am, holding the bone in my paws.  I'm also as fast as lightening.  Janet left the trash compactor open for about 2 seconds and BAM - I was Johnny On The Spot selecting a chicken wing bone.  Janet didn't think that was so clever and pried my mouth wide open to retrieve the pieces.  Then I got a big lecture about the dangers of bones - a lecture I'm not likely to recall should I have the good fortune of an open compactor again.

This was also not my brightest moment.  I was convinced it was a ball and nearly dislocated Janet's shoulder getting over there.
We enjoy our food so much that the bowls often end up far from the kitchen!
Phil....we want our cookies now!
Janet made yakisoba from some noodles she bought at Costco.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Janet Is Really Low On Blogging Topics

We have reached a new low that  even I, Pashyminders, would have thought impossible.
Ab-so-lute-ly.  Nothing.  Going.  On.  In.  Our.  Lives.   Ouch!

That's not entirely true - Karen called Janet to let her know their long time mutual friend Gill was coming for the weekend.  They met for lunch and had a ball.  Janet dropped by Karen's while Gill was there the next day and they all chatted for about an hour.  No photographs!  Come on, Janet!

Our big excitement this week is our new microwave!  Yes!  Janet is super happy.

Our old microwave (the new one is the exact same as the old one) worked fine, but the latch had ceased to close properly for several months.  The door had to be finessed shut in order to work.  Janet's prediction was that the microwave would fully break down on Christmas day.  Too bad there wasn't a lottery as Janet would have won big time.

On this one occasion only, Phil who lives to save any single item he has ever owned managed to go to the attic and pull out this jobby - no room in the kitchen so it's in the back porch.  It takes forever to warm up anything and you don't even want to know how long it takes to really poorly defrost meat.  However, it was better than not having a micro.

Good thing it was in the back porch as it's so old it may have been transmitting bad micros to puppy girls!
 New one...funny - it looks just like the old one except we don't have to slam the door shut.  Janet is really happy.
Jeremy did a super job of installing it.  The death of the previous model was expedited over the Christmas season with extra hands trying to finesse it shut.
Noodles is a really cheap date.  She just loves ice cubes.

Waiting, waiting, Phil.  Come on buddy!

Phil discovered a really cool program on the computer.  He made this super cute card for Janet for Valentines Day in about 10 minutes.  Janet has just purchased her last card at the drugstore!

Janet has a really exciting week upcoming, so perhaps she will have something interesting to blog about.  Thursday is Chinese New Years Lunch at her volunteer job and after that she is going to quilting.  She is also on a stay-cation as Phil is going skiing on Thursday.  Toss in channeling really deep into her inner nerves of steel to drive to LongArm Arlenes and it's going to be busy!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Phil Has A New Hobby

I'm sure most people know that Phil enjoys playing squash, reading non fiction books about English history and watching what Janet calls the incredibly stupid F1 races.  Seriously - how many times can you watch cars go around and around a track?

His newest hobby - turning running water on, leaving the room for an extended period of time to do something else only to go back to find out there is now a flood.  This would normally be called an accident, but when it happens at least three times in less than a year, one has to now consider this is an activity he enjoys.

Yesterdays flood started in the kitchen and then ran down into the basement.

Fortunately, Janet was at work so had little involvement in the clean up.
Maybe he just enjoys using the Wet Dry Vac!  It's all kind of warm and humid downstairs.  A tropical vacation one short stairwell away!
Look at this little cutie that now lives around the corner from us.  Ten weeks old and couldn't sit still for a nano second!
We got a little carried away at the park the other day and were so muddy that Phil felt the need to hose us off.  Rain water and water from puddles we choose to go in are very acceptable.  Bath water and hose water, not so much.
Unlike other years, this year did not turn out to be the annual Christmas cookbook exchange where everyone buys everyone else the same cookbook.  Janet purchased the new Whitewater cookbook for herself and as gifts but turned out she was the only one that did so.
Italian Wedding Soup.  The people said it was good.
At Phil's office, they had a bake sale for a realtor who goes to Honduras every year for humanitarian purposes.  Previously, he built a school and this year he wants to build a clinic.  Janet was pressed into service.
She made Phil help.  Janet has now decided that Phil whips out his "I'm helpless is this department" card in an effort to get out of helping in the kitchen.

It's kind of a small booty, but there was only 3 days to work on it and it was cutting into Janet's quilting!
This is bound to spell bad news for me, Pashyminders.  This is the bedroom wall where I lay at bedtime.  Janet just noticed how dirty it was and washed a strip down the centre for further proof.   Two things - how could she not notice and let it get so dirty and will I be trucked off to the Puppy Perm and Curl Palace?

Two bookends.  We reminded Janet of Noodles and Rockers sitting together and Rockers would rest his head on Noodles back.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Janet And Phil Try A New Japanese Restaurant!

They discovered this new restaurant when they went to Pizzaria Prima Strada on Friday.  It's called "The Next" and is "modern Japanese cuisine".  They both agreed they enjoyed it, but weren't sure they would order all the same food on another visit.
This was the Dynamite Roll and it was really good.

Ahi Roll with roasted garlic.  It was good.
Now that Janet is feeling better, we have been going for some long walks.  Most often, Noodles doesn't want to come.  Janet is still worried about her.  She has slowed down so much and barely puts any weight on one of her back paws.

  Look at what we saw on Sunday!
This was over the golf course at about 5:15PM. 
Janet finished binding a quilt she was giving to her volunteer friend Catherine for her new granddaughter., Frieja.   She thinks it's pretty.  Catherine showed it to many staff members who were excited about how great the quilt was, so Janet was super chuffed!

Noodles now lives for the trash compactor to be left open so she can "grocery shop"!
That might be me on the dog bed beside the "treasures", but I swear it wasn't me that ripped it apart!  Honest!
She is so loveable, Janet says it's hard to be angry with her.
I am so into this quilting gig and can't resist helping whenever I can. Poor Janet doesn't have any large flat walls that don't have plate rails so has to rely on the floor to put her quilts down.  I just love this part of the quilting process!
New recipe for dinner - baked polenta with grilled veggies and mozzarella cheese.  Janet was trying to emulate the new appetizer at their Pizza joint.  She said it was pretty good!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's A Dusty, Dusty World!

Remember the furnace filter from last week?  Turns out it's the tip of the iceberg!

Janet noticed the vacuum hasn't been working so well lately.  Wonder why?  This is the bucket to the built in vacuum system - chock a block full of dog fur and dust!

Janet says it's like having a new vacuum!
 Next up - the bottom drawer of the dishwasher has ceased to function as it is misaligned.  When the bottom drawer is taken out - a secret bonus of dog fur!
By now, it should be apparent that Janet's cleaning skills are limited to what you can see.  Never, never open a closet door!
As usual, Peter came by on Friday after squash.  Janet made them sit in the living room as she was using the island in the kitchen to cut some fabric.

We troop it out at Willows Beach park.  I've got a really good stick that Noodles doesn't give a rats ass about.
Janet channeled her inner Asian and made fried rice and gyoza.

Look!  Our new doggie tags.  It's so cool they are purple this year as it matches my collar.  We are 719 and 720 this year.
We love each other.
Janet and Karen shared a fabric order and had it sent to Brownyn's house.  After Janet brought the fabric home, she divided it up into her pile and Karen's pile which was placed on the bottom shelf of the foyer table.  After Karen came to pick it up, Janet couldn't find a bundle of fat quarters.  She looked all over the place, and in the end, decided she was nuts (Hello!  What took so long?!?) and went upstairs and gave Karen her bundle.

Bonus!  We might love each other, but a puppy girl has to look after her own butt!  Not mentioning any names, but I did not take the bundle of fabric off the table, down to the bedroom and chew all the labels off.  Doggie who is now in Witness Protection also managed to undo the bow and puppy handle the fabric a bit! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Some Last Minute Hawaii Tid Bits And We Are Home!

Janet says the only thing wrong with going on vacation (aside from having to pay for it) is that eventually you have to call it a day and head for home.  Of course, she was super happy to see us, but still, sun and sand are a tough gig to give up.  We whined and cried a royal storm when they came in so they were appeased. 

This is the old school rice cooker that was in their condo.  Normally, one can make rice at any time throughout the day and you can bank on it still being hot at dinner time.  Not so with old school rice cookers!  Janet says the timing is as crucial as hot potatoes or putting dressing on the salad.
This saltwater pool was outside their building, but does not belong to the condo.  There had been some big storms, so it was all cleaned out.  People, including Phil, sat or stood on the edge near the water and waited for a big wave to swoop you in.
They went for lunch one day at a restaurant that was rated third best on the Big Island by Honolulu Magazine.  It was in a little town called Hololua.  Low and behold, but Phil runs into another realtor from Victoria.  A realtor, Janet points out that was staying for a whole month!  The sad truth of the matter is, if a guy can take a month off work, it's less expensive to stay for a month than 10 days.  Perhaps next year!

While the food was good, and the setting lovely,  Janet says there wasn't a hope in hell it was worth the wait - at she means from when they were seated.  It can't be a good sign when the waitress tells you your food will be out "pretty soon"!
Fresh Ahi tuna melt.

Catch of the day - Ono.
They left the condo on the last day and again stopped at the seafood restaurant at the harbour, "Bite Me".  Look!  Another doggie snuggled up to the bar!
I wonder if these doggies have boats as well?
It was a very quick stopover in PDX as the last Coho ferry for two weeks was on the morning of the 18th.
Bye, Mikey!  Bye, Bronwyn!  See you soon!  Bye, Noodles bum!

In the space of 24 hours, Janet and Phil went from this:
and this:

to this:
Janet was not a happy camper!
It was super fun staying in the hotel again.  They forgot our water bowl in the car, so turned the ice bucket into one.  Don't tell the hotel people!
Home again, home again!  I reunited with all my toys and dragged out as many as I could.
Further proof we are home - Phil's breakfast dishes on the counter,  and yes, the dishwasher has space inside for dirty dishes.
We have noticed for the last few weeks that the entire house is super dusty.
The furnace filter needed a little TLC!