Friday, November 20, 2015

Can You Tell We Are Home?

First clue!  No blog post for more than a week so that means Janet has eased back into her regular boring life at home.  Too sad!

Here is what we did lately!  We went for some walks with the autumn leaves:

Noodles can't go so far, so Janet and Phil and I trooped up to the War Memorial for Remembrance Day.  It was really nice and all kinds of strangers felt compelled to pet me.  Bonus!  I have to admit I am somewhat shameless trying to get strangers to pet me.  Janet wants to know how a Cenotaph differs from a War Memorial.  There were tons of people there.
Beautiful blue sky!

Flag at half mast.
The people put a doggie blanket on the floor to enable Noodies to eat.  Her back end keeps slipping out from under her, so they thought this might be an improvement.
Wrong end, Noodles.  It's supposed to be for your back end.
Janet finished another quilt and I don't believe anything says "new quilt" more than my trying it out.  Not sure why I am so compelled to take a rest on new quilts on the floor!

They bought some super cute gifts for Mr. Baby Now A Toddler whilst in the U.K.  Phil discovered a super cute store called Jojo Maman Bebe.  Check this out!
See the cute jagged dino teeth on the top of the hoodie?

We had two days of really, really  stormy weather.
Storm war victims!
As a result, Janet made some Chicken Noodle Soup.  Home made!
With Cheddar Cheese Buns.  They said it was delicious!

I'm on a protest.  If we don't get Memory Foam Beds real soon, I'm just going to sleep on the Human pillows.  Hello. Mr. and Mrs. El Cheopo!  Por favor on the memory foam beds!
Good night, everyone!
We are getting ready for Christmas!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We Return To Camp Canada!

Janet and Phil stayed in PDX for two nights to do some shopping and then we hit the road.

Before we left, they enjoyed some cocktails.  Brownyn is working on becoming an official bartender and can make some awesome cocktails.  Too bad they had to drink them out of espresso cups!

Janet just realized that it kind of looks like that really nice Mason and Cash bowl is resting on the top of Phil's head, but it's not the case.
Janet can't remember what this one was called, but she said it was delicious and very refreshing.  It calls for some fancy pants liqueur that said St. Germain on the label.  Janet's not sure if that is the brand name or the name of the liqueur.  Investing in cocktails takes a long time to recoup your money.  So far, after two evenings they are down to about $75 a drink!  Just kidding!
I kicked up my cardboard chewing a notch by selecting a new box of crackers from a grocery bag and got to work on it.
Janet and I do a selfie after our walk around Blue Lake.
How is it I have managed to maintain my puppy like face and Janet keeps looking older..and older...and older?
Noodles says bye bye to Mikey!  I was firmly planted in the back of the car while Mikey walked Noodles to the end of the block.  This bus is not leaving without me.  I wonder if I'm insecure?
Whoops!  We had an "incident" on the way home.  The Thule box managed to open itself on the edge of the I-5.
We were luxury pups who were able to stay overnight in a hotel!  CLM....don't ask how Janet manages to remember the airport code for Port Angeles when she can't tell you what she had for dinner last night!

Phil had a hard time sleeping.  In PDX, we get up around 5:30AM, when Mike and Bronwyn do so are used to going potty really early.  He didn't want an accident in the hotel room, but we were good doggies.

They had reserved a room with 1 Queen size bed, but Phil's coughing was driving Janet out of her mind, so they took a room with two Queens.
They turned the ice bucket into a water bowl.  Nice touch!
OK...Noodles has now had enough of this stupid car.  She doesn't want to get in!
Well behaved dogs are now allowed to go upstairs.
Only one of us lasted.  Poor Noodies couldn't find a comfortable position and was getting stressed out, so Phil put her back in the car.
Cool as a cucumber!
There are two things that Janet hates about going to PDX.  One is the I-5.  The other is the mountain of meat that needs to be divided up and repackaged.
St. Louis style pork ribs.
Noodles might be losing it, but she is still feisty enough to wander out the open front door to check out what happened in the 'hood while we were gone.

Rockers may have gone to Doggie Heaven, but it looks like he was lucky enough to land a gig advertising Hoover vacuums in the U.K.
We are so pooped!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

British Grocery Shopping

Janet was shocked at how much less money it was to purchase food from grocery stores and even little green grocers  in the U.K. 

British meat cuts are quite a bit different from ours, so they were never able to wrap their heads around purchasing too much in the beef department.  They tried some pre-made meatballs from Costco that were dreadful.  They later purchased some ground beef mince and made their own meatballs, which were also dreadful.  British ground beef is nearly fat free, so not quite what they are used to.

Janet took some store photos and for the convenience of our readers, has done the heavy lifting with the help of a calculator to multiple the prices x 2 to give you the Canadian dollar version!  Yes, Janet is indeed the mathematician whiz you assumed her to be!

Shallots - $2.66 for an entire bag!  In Victoria, they are about $4.00/lb

Broccoli that apparently is free as there isn't any pricing that was photographed.

They have many, many varieties of potatoes.  These ones - $2.00

Bag of onions - $1.10.  Note how most of the vegetables note they are British.  Interesting that the veggies have best before dates.  Here, with the exception of packaged salad greens and similar, most are buyer beware.

$1.19.  It's not obvious, but this was also a British product.
How about $1.00 for a round loaf of crusty bread?
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream for $4.32.  Janet doesn't purchase ice cream at home, but thinks it's in the $7.00 - $8.00 range for the same brand.

Chicken - $6.00 for a huge tray of drumsticks.
In the past, they have purchased pre-made food from M & S Food Hall and it has been really good.  M & S wasn't available whenever they went to purchase groceries, so they tried Tesco pre-made.
Sadly, this was the upscale version and it was awful.
Janet stir fried some chicken breast and vegetables and they tried this, which was quite delicious!
On sale for $2.00!!
Quite often, they passed these shops called Cook, where complete dinners were made in advance and in their freezers.  They were NOT inexpensive.
Inside the freezers:
Lasagne, $28.00, Beef Strogonoff $36.00

Roasted Pepper and Goat's Cheese Quiche $36.00
No price tags in the window, but we think it's pretty safe to say they weren't inexpensive!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch.  Cauliflower and potatoes, $4.00 each.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Janet And Phil Pack Up And Head Home!

The heavy duty dining, while staying at pubs starts first thing in the day.  Breakfast is always included and it has never been a bad breakfast.  Here are the "starters" before they move onto Smoked Salmon and Eggs or Full English.

There last three nights in the pub were excellent.  Not once, but twice, they had dinner at The Crooked Billet.  The Brits turn their clocks back one week earlier than North America, so by around 5PM it's pretty dark.
Check out the interior!  Janet thinks it very eclectic and British and the Chef, Paul is something of a local celebrity.

They ate and ate and ate some more.

They can't remember what this was, but doesn't it look delicious?
Pork Belly

Stone Bass with Day Scallops and Polenta

Aubergine, Tomato and Zucchini Courgette with Cheese
And just for good measure, how about some Sticky Toffee Pudding with Clotted Cream?
It was all dark and foggy and spooky outside.  There are also not any street lights making it almost impossible to see.  The good roads are barely wide enough for two cars to drive by each other.  Did we mention there aren't any shoulders so you have to jump up onto the verge?  The other roads are the same except there isn't room for two cars.  Phil insisted the walk would be good for them, but Janet fell into a pothole and hurt her knee.  Turns out, it was probably the only pothole on the road, but she managed to find it.
 As per their custom, they met relly's Julia and Joe for lunch.  They are always fun to get together with.

Cool gloves whilst purchasing petrol so one's hands will not soil.

Super news - it was a car scrape free vacation!  No CDW hassles!
Congratulations All Blacks!
Bye, bye UK!  Hope the GPB (and we do mean Great!) is better next year!