Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Janet Has Been Very Lazy!

She has been neglecting our blog.  I finally had a bark or two with her to let my displeasure be known.

While she hasn't been updating our blog, she actually has been very busy.  This is Phil's newest accesory:
Somehow, he managed to hurt his knee so badly he claims can't walk anywhere or do anything.  All day long it's "can you get me this; can you get me that".  It's been going on for more than a week now and Janet, who is as patient and understanding as a person could possibly be is just about at the end of her rope!  We try hard not to envision one crutch wrapped tightly around his neck and the other one shoved.....never mind!  You get the picture!

He has been to see the orthopedic surgeon who said it will take time to heal and has also been to physiotherapy.  The therapist suggested getting a family member to pull down on his leg hard for ten minutes several times a day.  Aside from Noodles and I, the only family member left is Nurse Ratched and even Phil knew better than to go there.

So, he jerry rigged himself an assistant:
Look what our fabulous Mr. Burr brought us -
Janet bundled up a baby size quilt and two bibs to pop into the mail as a gift.
What do you think the chances are that two children in the same family that live in different parts of the country would buy their mother the same Mother's Day card.  Isn't that crazy?
Phil was going to get Janet some flowers, but with his bad leg and all......
See ya' later!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Janet Comes Home To A Super Surprise!

When Janet called Phil to let him know what time she was arriving back in Victoria, he was having a small fit about how she was coming home a day early (not true!) and about how much tidying up he had to do before Janet's arrival.  Mrs. Anal Cleaner thinks to herself (wisely, she doesn't verbalize) that "perhaps if you had tidied throughout the 12 days, it wouldn't be an issue".

Turns out, while Janet was away, Phil arranged to have all the floors in our house refinished, with the exception of the kitchen and spare bedroom.  Bonus!  We even slept downstairs two nights and I had never been downstairs previously.  Janet had no clue this was happening!
As shiny as could be and he sparkled up our doggie beds.
Janet and Phil went to Costco and look what Mr. Tightwad grudgingly purchased me - Wilderness Pals!  I've had my Prairie Pals for some time and they are quite disgusting looking so this was super fun.  Janet picked up 9 toys I had out the other day and put them back in my toy basket.  I do love my toys!

Janet whipped up another baby quilt - this one she actually quilted herself and is grateful that small children are not aware of even stitch length and straight rows.
Remember the quilt back that had to come back from LongArm Arlenes?  Small wonder she sent it back - check out the water colour after Janet treated the batik fabric.
Janet actually knew better, but forgot she had to treat batik fabric.
Bronwyn was able to bring a quilt kit to Maui that Janet ordered.  Check it out - top, back and binding for $100!  What's not to like?
Phil made a super bunch of food - Janet hates dog food making night - even though she has precious little involvement.
Looks yummy, Phil.
I found another ball!  I'm up to about 15 now, this spring alone.  Truthfully, it's not nearly the sport it was last year - now I know where to look for them and they are so easy to find.
The adults had home made popcorn - first time in many years.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Dogs Of Maui And Some Lasts

Check out some of these super cute doggies on Maui.  How can I convince Phil and Janet to cash in everything they own down to the last penny so we can purchase a teeny tiny one bedroom condo with "garden" (read parking lot!) views and live on Maui?  Wouldn't that be super?  Not sure how they would feel about living in 600 square feet, but come on - we will be on Maui!
Janet didn't actually see these two guys, but Meg did, twice.  They are the managers of a gardener and go to work with him.  That could be Noodles and I!  Seriously!
And how about this guy ridin' the waves?  They saw these doggies on more than one occasion. 
This doggie was an expert.

This doggie was learning so had a life jacket.
Last morning with Auntie Bronwyn - barista par excellence and don't even mention her appy skills!  Sometime ago, Auntie Bronwyn purchased a small, portable Capresso espresso machine to take to Hawaii.  There was some pumping action involved to create pressure so Janet was quick to become very "lame" at this skill and never had to participate again!    They enjoyed lattes on the lanai every morning.  Her appy skills consisted of spreading Boursin cheese over crackers!  She bought the giant 3 pack of the cheese at Costco and Janet thought she was insane, but they powered through it.  Janet also thought Bronwyn shouldn't buy the bacon 4 pack at Costco.  Are they ashamed to admit they ate all of it in 10 days?  If not, they should be!
Auntie Bronwyn looks pretty happy, but Meg and Janet know she is really sad to leave Maui as that's how they felt the following morning.
Mr. Baby thinks once he gets used to the ocean, he might take up boogie boarding.  First step - trying it out in the living room, but it wouldn't fit in.
Let me in!
Last lattes at Honolulu Coffee.
Last of the Baileys for said lattes.
Last trip to the beach after said lattes.

Meg and Janet were going to try their best to negotiate the Bob up the stairs, but lo and behold there were a bunch of super strong lifeguards on a training exercise.  Two of them volunteered.  
Last lunch at 5 Palms on the beach.

Last minute chaos at the airport.  Someone (we aren't going to mention any names) luggage is
overweight and now there is some major shifting around.
That is actually a look of sheer panic as they can feel the eyes of everyone else in line boring into the back of their skulls!
Last walk on the moving sidewalk.
This is fun!
Good night!

Monday, April 27, 2015

More Aloha!

Janet's trip is sadly coming to a close although she says she really, really wants to come home and see us.  Not that we are entirely sure she is telling the truth!

Auntie Bronwyn introduced Mr. Baby to two new food groups:
Chocolate!  What small child doesn't love chocolate!  It was actually a "health" bar with a thin coating of dark chocolate that Auntie Bronwyn assured Yoyo was the "healthy" chocolate!  Basically, he inhaled it!

and, bacon!  Who doesn't love bacon?  Seriously?
Mr. Baby eats all his meals on the lanai and sometimes facetimes with his Dad whilst dining.
As a result, he has a major fan club!
This is a very small gathering of Mr. Baby's fan club.  Word is out in the birdie community that there is a small, messy child in unit 1504.
They went to lunch at Roy's which everyone was really looking forward to.  Meg went for her 85th scuba dive today, so they met in Ka'anapali.  Super disappointment on two fronts - Meg's dive was going to Lanai, but high wind and huge waves precluded their ability to go that far.  Lunch - not good.  At all!
Bronwyn asked if she could give one of Janet's quilts to a friend, so Janet brought the quilt to Maui to handsew on the binding.  Janet took a lame photo of the quilt of the railing of the lanai, but Bronwyn managed to kick it up a notch at the beach.  Janet says Bronwyn's sunset photos are unbelievable.
Popular with many quilters is to have an old 1920's rusted pick up truck or old weathered barn to display your quilt on.  Janet doesn't own either, but now that she knows  how fabulous a new quilt can look on the beach in Hawaii......look out, Phil!

Sew (get it!!) far, this is Janet's favourite quilt.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Here is the Hawaii gangs hangout since they arrived on Maui.  They were upgraded to an oceanview unit, so were super happy.

Living room:
Janet and Phil have been coming here since Palms at Wailea opened so know this is the original kitchen.  The appliances have been upgraded but the counter top and cabinets are the same.
View from the lanai:
View more than makes up for the kitchen!
Pool view from their lanai:
Meg took a 3 day Rescue Dive Course, so Yoyo and Auntie Bronwyn were in charge.  They took him to the pool for some super fun!
The closest they got to Mr. Baby going in the pool and whatever you do, do not remove his shoes!  Nothing screams a healthy drink like chlorinated water!

Seriously, let me out of here...I have had enough fun for today!
It was also Meg's 40th birthday!  Phil ponied up some money for a fancy lunch out.  They went to Mama's Fish House.
They are enjoying Lilikoi Colada cocktails previous to their lunch - at 11:30AM!!  Shameless!

Most of the restaurant is open to the outdoors.

This guest was not invited, but joined anyhow.  He/she took this nearly whole piece of bread of Meg's plate and then dropped it to the floor to enjoy at his/her leisure!
Janet says they also had a small partyette at the condo.  Bronwyn suggested they go to Sugar Beach Bake Shop and purchase some pies.  They purchased a teeny tiny Lililoi and Key Lime Pie and a teeny tiny Coconut Cream Pie.   Meg was really pleased!
Here they come.

The best Yoyo could do for candles were two tea light candles from ABC Stores that cost $2.79.  She doesn't want to appear cheap, but....

Big lunch at home - hamburgers with grilled pineapple and bacon!

Our daughts taking a really well deserved break!
Sheesh...you are probably wondering where Janet is!  She took a tiny break from the kitchen to snap this photo!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Janet Takes A Vacation!

As if Janet isn't already living the good life, now she goes on ANOTHER Hawaiian vacation.  She has gone to Maui with Mr. Baby,  Mr. Baby's handler Meg and Mr. Baby's press agent, Bronwyn.  Mr. Baby thinks he is a major Rock Star and needs a full retinue of staff!  Janet's reasoning is that she was so sick when she and Phil went to the Big Island in January that she was unable to enjoy herself - good one, Janet!

With the exception of Bronwyn, they met in Vancouver and as they were checking in, Meg says...."I forgot something at home".  Janet is thinking no biggie - sunglasses, sunhat, bathing suit....all manageable.  What Meg forgot was her drivers license and credit card.  Janet did her best to act calm but inside her head is screaming in all caps WTF!  ARE YOU NUTS?  This now means that Janet has to be the primary driver when she doesn't even want to be to secondary driver. 

Meg's car plan was good - until said driver did not have a license.  The rental was from a local company that rent "gently used" vehicles and didn't charge for baby seats or additional drivers.  All of this is a huge saving.  Meg was meant to pick up Bronwyn later that evening but no can do without a drivers license. There wasn't a snowballs chance in hell that Janet was driving back to the airport on the HIGHWAY in the DARK!  Highway, maybe.  Dark, maybe.  Together, no way!  Now, Bronwyn needs her own vehicle.

Here's Janet, at the wheel of her bitchin" 2009 Nissan Sentra!  POS - Piece of Shit Car!
 However, we all know Janet - roll with the punches.  Mrs. Happy Go Lucky.  Whist Janet is busting a gut in the kitchen, her daughters have sussed out their favourite spots.

Mr. Baby loves the sand so much he has decided to enjoy it from his stroller.

Getting ready to go:

It's early, but thus far Mr. Big hates the sand, the ocean and the pool!
Please, oh please, why can't I be a doggie that makes footprints in the sand on Maui!
Mr. Baby enjoys a snack whilst roaming around our lanai (patio!)