Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Come on in and welcome to "Pashy's Slimming Spa and Retreat"!  We went to see Dr. Smith on Monday, and guess what!  I have lost 9 pounds since I arrived.  Dr. Smith was pretty chuffed and told Phil he thought this was excellent.  I bet Tub O' Lards Janet and Phil wish they could say the same!  Dr. Smith also said Noodles is in good shape "for her age".  Not too sure what that means.  Phil said it was the strangest thing...first he took me into the vet and left Noodles in the car.  He went back to get her with a cookie that she wouldn't eat.  He said she was busting a gut to get inside the clinic.  We were in the same room where Noodles went with Rockers for the last time and Phil said she was going nuts and being hyper active.  Janet thinks she remembers Rockers going there and can smell him in the room.

My slim trim tummy and shapely hips.
You may think this particular photo has been posted before, but this is new.  Janet is such a sucker for my upside down sleeping jobbie that she takes many, many photos.
Janet and I cut through the park to go to the Ave. to buy some hamburger buns.  I beat my puppy dog butt over to the meeting of the "Pashyminders Mutual Admiration Society".  They adore me!

They installed some art in front of Oak Bay Municipal Hall.
But this one is our favourite!
It's called "Old Dog" and reminds us of our lovely Mr. Rockers.  Tomorrow will mark 18 weeks since Rockers died...not that Janet is missing him too much!
Last night, Phil was so busy working that we didn't go for our evening walk until really late.  Noodles declined to go. 
Have fun....I am going to stay on the sofa.
Then, this morning for the first time in a really long time, she went with Janet and I.  We went down to the park as that is Noodles favourite place to go.

See that cute doggie in the distance?  His owner was throwing a ball for him.  We were on the far side of the park and despite Janet's best efforts to intervene, I took off like a Pashy bullet and snatched the ball!  Score one for me!  I very nicely took it back to the man and sat down at his feet and let him know how proud I was.  I did not, however, give up the ball.  Janet had to pry it from my mouth and as the man did not appear to be at all understanding, Janet was pretty embarrassed.  So much so, that she forgot to wipe my doggie drool off the ball before handing it back.

That's why the photo is taken from a distance.'s 
When Meg and Derek were here, Meg bought a stand up paddle board.
And they went out for dinner for their second Wedding Anniversary.
They sure look nice, but who is the jackass in the background?
That's it....we are calling it a day.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mr. Baby O'Rama

We doggies think Mr. Baby has changed big time since he was here last time.  It was too hot for him to sleep upstairs, so I, Pashyminders couldn't go upstairs to visit him.

He can't walk yet,  but can motor around like crazy on his hands and knees.  He can even crawl, carry a favourite tupperware container and cry at the same time.  Talk about multi-tasking!

Noodles lives for Mr. Baby's meals..she says it's a doggie dream come true.  All kinds of things fall to the floor.
Mr. Baby did his best to help out during his visit.  He feels it's important as a house guest.  I've got this load relax!
 Mr. Baby was even kind enough to leave Yoyo some memories on the dishwasher.
The people went out for lunch.  Don't worry Mama...I'm picking up the tab this time.
We love to watch Mr. Baby think his way through he is going into the "baby jail" and then trying to escape.

Mr. Baby had to dump his favourite plastic container in an effort to escape.
We doggies and Meg and Janet Yoyo and Mr. Baby went to the playground at Willows Beach.  It was super fun.

Why are Finley's hands as wrinkly as Janet's?

Super careful, Bud!

Noodles is chill-axing by the stroller.

Bye, Bye, Mr. Baby.  We were all sad when he left.  Janet sparkled up the dishwasher, but he left us some other memories.
A sippy cup!

Mr. Baby's Tropical Pool Paradise, deflated and left behind!

Monday, July 14, 2014

They Came, Some Went

Mikey and Bronwyn and Meg and Mr. Baby came for the house birthday party.  Mike and Bronwyn had to leave on Tuesday to go back to work and Derek arrived later.

M & B packed up with Don and went to Nitinat so Bronwyn and Don could kiteboard.  They had a blast, and check out Princess:
Well....Princess says it's her.  It looks kind of like an expert to us, so how do we really know it's her and not a video of some professional?
Bronwyn is a great Auntie!  They spent some time together and Auntie B really enjoyed Finley.  Here she is teaching him how to shop online.
Then all the fam damily that were here went for pizza...natch!
The usual suspects...Diavolo, Panne e Pancetta, Picante.
Here is Mr. Baby's tropical swim area:
Bring on the palm trees, Mr. Baby says!
 I seriously covet Mr. Baby's pool toys!  If I push them with my nose, they scoot across the pool and I really want to hop in and grab them.
Too bad for me there are some adult type legs to prevent my participation!

And here are Mr. Baby's stash of deck toys:
 When Finley isn't swimming or enjoying his toys on the deck, he likes to "finger paint" on Janet's dishwasher.  Yoyo thinks it's so creative!  She also thanks the powers that be that stainless steel appliances were not around when her precious moments were toddling around.  Not that they could have afforded them, back in the day!
Check it out, Yoyo!  Super cute, right

If you can believe this, Mr. Baby's Handler is prepared to let him wear all cotton clothing without ironing them first.  This is unacceptable to really insanse Yoyo, who sparkled them up herself.
This should give you an idea as to how large Gargantuan Gramma's hands are.  Half the size of a Mr. Baby size shirt!

The people had a new kind of chicken wings that Janet found on a blog she likes.  She thought they were yummy.  Toss in some Caprese Salad with home made pesto and some fresh BC corn and nice dinner!

Janet thinks this is so cool!  There are several brightly painted pianos stationed around Oak Bay this summer.  We discovered this one on Willows Beach this morning.  This man was an excellent pianist.
I'm pooped.  Have a good night!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

They Are Staying For How Long?

Mike and Bronwyn came for the weekend party and arrived with their luggage.  Janet's first response is said it was four days!  They are coming  back in August for a week and Janet shudders to think how much luggage that will require.  Will they need to bring two vehicles or rent a semi?
Phil likes to think he lives the healthy lifestyle and as he is aware of the benefits of drinking green tea, he makes himself a cup in the microwave every morning.
Every afternoon when Janet is getting ready to make dinner, she throws out the stone cold tea.
Rock Star Mr. Baby and one of his Handlers arrived the next day.  Enroute, his Handler stopped at WalMart and purchased this $10 stroller to use on the ferry.  Mikey and Brownyn looked like such naturals pushing Mr. Baby around but they felt compelled to tell everyone the cheap little stroller was just a temporary measure.
Janet and Bronwyn and Mikey went out for lunch.  Sushi!
That's Mikeys lunch.  Janet and Brownyn shared a California Roll.  Just kidding.....kind of!  Takin' the piss, Mikey!
Tomorrow will mark one week since Janet cannot hear out of her left ear.  She went to the clinic and the flushed it out and prescribed drops.  She went back a few days later as she still couldn't hear and they said use the drops.  By the time Meg arrived, Janet's left ear lob was about half the size of her head, red hot and painful.  Meg called in a prescription for an antibiotic.  Janet also feels compelled to tell everyone this is not her normal ear lobe.
Janet is secretly afraid she is now getting "Old Persons Enlarged Ear Lobe Syndrome".  You know you have seen them and thought "oh, poor things!"  To make matters worse, Janet was too tired to walk home from her Volunteer Job a few days ago, so she took the Looser Cruiser bus.  The bus driver had the audacity to lower to bus so Janet could disembark.  She wanted to kill him!
Please, Bronwyn, can we sleep with you?

100 Year Old House Party next post!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Our First Harvest! Wow...Just Discovered This Is Our 250th Post!

Radishes!  Yes!  Too bad Rancher Janet isn't on her game and told Phil to stop at the grocery store and buy some before she discovered her bounty.  Janet says radishes are kind of a tough gig to turn into something other than raw radishes.
Janet finished Downton Abbey and says she isn't too sure how she feels about it.  It's going to be long arm quilted.
Next up:  another lap size quilt made with some beautiful Japanese fabric that Lolo gave Janet for her birthday.
We usually go the park at least once a day.  It's Noodles favourite place to go because she can walk as slow as she wants.  I, of course, like to go for the balls.  Phil is trying to convince me to go down to Beach Drive.
I can slam on the brakes like you can't believe.
If Noodles were to take a personality quiz, she would discover that she would register as insecure and enjoys bad behaviour in order to get attention.  She hasn't had any interest in balls for a really long time, but doesn't want me to steal her thunder.  Bronwyn took a personality quiz lately and discovered she is an "8".  We doggies wonder what the fine details of being an "8" are.

This is truly one of Janet's more lame photos, but see the black doggie in the batting cage?  This doggie is "Livin la Vida Loca"in my humble doggie opinion.  He is in the batting cage with a tiny tike batter and the tikes Mom, who is putting tennis balls into the batting machine.  Many, many balls for the taking.  How on earth, does he decide which ones to go after?
I found this one and really wanted to show Phil how clever I am by bumping his arm whilst he is typing and trying to make a buck so the dog food wheels can keep goin' round.
Janet....please stop reading the "news" to find out what is up with Kim Kardashian and get us our breakfast!
Unlike Rockers, we silently stalk and stare to get the meals on the floor.
The people had grilled new potatoes, asparagus and chicken wings for dinner last night.
I decide to avail myself of the extra pillows on the bed during the evening.