Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We Actually Get On The Sand!

This is huge when walking with major anal pants easy going Janet!  We actually got on the beach! She didn't plan it, but here is how it unfolded - we went to Willows Beach Park for Noodles favourite walk.  Janet let her off leash and Noodles strolled along the side fence until we arrived at the playground.  All of a sudden, Noodles picks up her pace (who knew she had it in her!) and starts trooping over to the stairs to the beach.  Noodles whipped out her "I'm a deaf doggie card" (if interested, she could also sell you some pencils with her little doggie sized deaf card) and bolted.  Of course, I also had to join in on the sandy fun!
The sand quotient is quite diminished by the amount of seaweed.

Nice roll, Noodles!

I'm going to enjoy eating this kelp as quickly as possible as I know Janet will call the party to a halt.
Yesterday, we went to Fireman's Park, and again Noodles plays deaf.  They are digging big trenches for underground sprinklers.  She boxes herself in and her only option is to jump across the trench.  Noodles mind might be 8 years old, but she forgets her body is almost 13!  In an effort to save themselves many dollars of Vet bills, Phil gave her a hand.

Noodles In Air!  Dollar Wise Phil could see the potential credit card damage!
What's Janet cooking these days?  Broccoli Cheddar Soup.  Yummy.
Pioneer Woman recipe.
Butter Chicken Schnitzel from Vij Home Cooking Cook Book.  Janet said also yummy.
Janet's "studio" doesn't have enough floor space to lay out a larger than baby size quilt, so she has to put it on the living room floor.  I just love to help.  In fact, I think it might be one of my favourite things!
Janet, this backing is to die for!

And the batting appears to be of a high quality!

This photo is after I was actually dragged off the quilting project but still felt the need for some involvement.
I want to be best buddies with these guys!  I love flying leaves.  I am more relaxed now but I used to yank like crazy to chase leaves in the wind.  I was super excited and started to pull Janet to the pile they were blowing.
This is Janet's latest quilt project.  I think we told you before she bought the fabric in the UK and it was a British designer with the fabric made in the UK.  Janet says it was a bit pricey, but WTF she wanted the UK aspect.  She didn't want to make Phil wait, so she didn't check to see how the prices compared to fabrics from home or the U.S.
Playing with the pieces.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

First Things First

You may want to stop here.....this is going to be a really boring post!  If you read on, buyer beware!  Absolutely nothing is going on in Janet's life (and by extension, our lives!) so she has almost nothing new to report. In addition to her incredibly boring life, her "ear issues"  appear to be returning and she is starting to feel a bit poopy and won't be able to rally up any snappy repertiore!

We want to apologize to our legion of fans!

Jack - time to get rid of the lawnmower.  No longer needed:

This little guy was by him/herself tending to Jack's grass.
A few days ago, Janet and Phil took us down to Willows Beach and this unusual sighting had all kinds of people watching.
They can't ever recall seeing a fishing net on Willows Beach and while it looked really heavy being pulled in, it wasn't obvious there were any fish in the net.
Almost all the leaves are off the trees down at Willows.  Janet thinks we had the tree in the front yard cut down in the nick of time!
Noodles likes to wander around the park on her own and without fail always heads to the fence on the far side.

Proof of Janet's state of mind - she has absolutely no clue why she took this photo.
Nice glass of ice, Janet!
Jacket Potatoes are very popular in pubs in the U.K.  They come with a variety of fillings.  Janet and Phil had Nachos the other night and there was leftover ground beef, cheddar cheese and olives.  Janet added some sauteed mushrooms and onions and turned them into Jacket Potatoes with salad.
We are best buddies and love each other!
In addition to loving each other, Phil is making our dinner and we felt it necessary to put a united front forward to expedite the task.
Good night.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Some Loose British Ends And We Are Home!

Janet and Phil had the chance to experience two Daylight Savings Times this year - one in the UK on 22 October and one at home on 02 November.  The one in the UK went off without a hitch but Janet was seriously worried about the one at home.  Due to jetlag, she was waking up at 5AM and feared it was now going to be 4AM!  She doesn't like getting up so early but says it's shocking how much a guy can get done before noon!

This is the fireplace that was in their room at the last pub - Dundas Arms.
There was a very cute village close to the cottage they stayed in - Stratton Audley.  They had a lovely church, but was locked so Janet and Phil were only able to wander around the grounds.  Phil found two beer glasses that Janet insisted he return to the pub across the street, but Phil brought them home.
Why don't you swing by for a pint? 
 And it that wasn't enough, he so admired the cider glasses at The Old Thatched Inn that he shamelessly asked if he could "purchase" one.  Not just once, but twice!  They were kind enough to turn them into gifts.

 Janet finished sewing the bindings on her quilts and was desperate for an airplane project.  She purchased this little teddy bear kit to knit.  She says the yarn quality was dreadful, so purchased some better quality yarn.  Where Janet gets her knitting knowledge from, is beyond us.  After she purchased the little kit, she noticed the instructions said for ages 7 and up!  She decided there must be a lot of brilliant 7 year olds in the UK as it was completely somewhat challenging!
Turns out Knitter Extraordinaire left the instructions on the plane!  Even a 7 year old would have known better!  The company was kind enough to email Janet the instructions.
First thing I did when I got back to Camp Canada was rally up some toys.

At Janet's volunteer job, they have hired a receptionist for some continuity for the busy Christmas season.  As a result, Janet now goes upstairs to work in the admin office on Friday mornings.  She was super nervous!
She got all dressed up in her version of  "office" togs.   Janet bought the top in what she considers to be one of the coolest department stores.  To the best of their knowledge, there is only one and it's located in Newbury.  It's called Camp Hopson.  Phil is responsible for this blurry photo!
Look what happens when doggies takes a three week leave!
Tree in the front of the house - gone!

Lovely new sidewalk along the far side of the house.
Janet and I went for a big walk on Monday morning and discovered a new sign in Uplands Park.  We doggies...make that I, love this park.  Noodles doesn't want to walk that far anymore.  We read the sign and learned the park is a Garry Oak Ecosystem of which there are only about 1% left.  When it rains heavily, the bodies of water that collect in a few spots are vernal ponds.  Rockers loved to lie down in the muddy water in the ponds.

Rockers having the time of his life being adored by a tiny fan.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

They Came Back!

Like we always knew they would!  We were super happy to see Janet and Phil and did our whining, crying, yelping and running around routine that these suckers never fail to fall for!  You would think they would tire of it, but not so; they lap it up like crazy!  Having said that, we were super happy to see them.

Our last photo of the UK - Phil trying his best to stuff everything inside the suitcases.  Normally Janet and Phil travel pretty light, but this trip was the exception.  Janet wanted to finish the binding on a couple of quilts so that meant increasing their luggage.  Check in time - they could barely lift them but were under the limit.
Why does he look so shocked!  This is the first and last time they will travel with so much baggage.
Janet was so tired the next day she almost felt sick.  Trooper  Pain in the ass that she is, she leapt at was dragged to every outing.  They went for lunch and by the time they arrived at Fabric Depot, she was somewhat cheered up.  Janet bought some fabric and batting and Bronwyn purchased some tulle for her office Halloween costume.  The costume committee threw themselves into action after dinner!
Janet "measured' the tulle and Bronwyn "sewed" the tulle.

Bronwyn is going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.
Looks very good!  She even has Toto in a teeny little basket!
And look, even I can do my best to be Dorothy!
I'm a really nice doggie, but what I really wanted to bark out was get this junk off me!
Bronwyn and Mike left early to go to work and Bronwyn was super sad to say goodbye to me....damn straight - I'm a pretty special doggie!
After they left, Janet tidied up a bit and Phil started to pack things up.

Still waiting:
Noodles, seriously, can't you see what's goin' down?
Janet was beginning to think Noodles was going to stay in Camp USA!
At long last, they threw us into the back of the good ol' Volvo and drove us downtown....so they could have the same Italian lunch they had yesterday?  WTF?  This is us, watching from across the street while they eat!

La Burina for Phil.
This is what Mikey had yesterday.
Gino's favourite for Janet.
This is what Janet and Bronwyn had for lunch yesterday.  This is Janet's absolute favourite.
Bronwyn told Janet that if she had a daughter, Bronwyn would dress her in tulle all the time.   Guess what!  Bronwyn could fulfill her dream at Costco alone!

and here

and here again...and this is just one store!
We are part way through the journey and I've had enough of this car business.  As much as I want to go to Camp Canada, my buttcrack needs to be hauled into the back of the car big time.
No, Phil, I don't want to get back in the car!
Bonus after the car ride!  We get to stay in a hotel again!  There are just two of us now, so nodoggy has to be snuck in.  I'm cool with this hotel business.
Noodles, maybe not so much!
Come out from behind the drapes, Noodies!  It will be OK!