Wednesday, March 25, 2015


This week marks one year since our much beloved Rockers passed away.  We think of him everyday - sometimes with sadness but mostly with a smile as we remember what a big, gentle giant he was.  A doggie so sweet, who lived to please you and was afraid of his own shadow!

Assistant Nanny!
Pony pup, when they couldn't actually lay their hands on a real pony!
Janet cherishes how much Rockers loved her.  Come on, Janet, isn't it bath time?
Every day, without fail, whenever Janet had a bath, Rockers waited outside the bathroom door on the left hand side as you enter the bathroom.
His big cold nose was always welcome.
He would lay his head on your lap waiting to be gently petted.

I'm a super good guy!
He loved Bronwyn and Mike as much as he loved Janet and Phil.

He suffered, along with his sister, the indignity of the stupid effing fabulous party hats the humans love to torture us with.
Rockers was everything a guy could hope for in a brother, cousin and human companion.  He is missed so much.

On another sad note, Rubby Dubs was born 15 years ago today.  Time flies!

Good night!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Guess Who Came To Visit!

Mr. Baby came to see us!  Noodles loves Mr. Baby so much she hobbled up the steep stairs at least twice to let him know how happy she was to see him.

Mr. Baby has a couple of new gigs.  First one, Pirate Baby!
Ahoy, Matey!
He is fascinated with doors and loves to open and close them - many, many times!  Janet says (we hope she's joking) that she is going to call the condo on Maui to see if all interior doors can be removed.  Doable?

There was a big mess outside the closet upstairs as Meg was searching for the wooden Brio train set.  She found the train set and numerous other treasures.

Cool old wooden train set.  Meg says that all train sets nowadays use the same track.

Open, shut, open shut.  Repeat.
Meg's friend from medical school had a baby boy, so Meg is going to give her friend this quilt that Janet made with a bonus of two homemade bibs!  Meg thinks the bibs are the greatest as they are so large.

You can only see one bib which is the big polka dots. The red ribbon came on a package that Phil received for Christmas.
Crazy YoYo and equally Crazy Mr. Baby's Mother decided they should go to the Petting Farm.
  We think this is YoYo's secret plan to go and not look like a 61 1/2 year fool who cries when baby goats run around.

Finley was bucking the plan from the get go.

Let's put on your rainsuit!
I don't think so, Mama!

Seriously, Mama, it doesn't look that great outside.
Looks like he knew way more than the two so called "people in charge"!
This was across the road.  Ouch!
 End result...Finley was way smarter the other two!
His Mama is rockin' a Keroppi umbrella!
After the non petting farm visit, they went for pizza!  "So Yoyo, could you hand me a piece of Diavolo pizza please?
Janet has been as busy as could be (at her sewing machine!) Check out her stack o' quilts to go to Longarm Arlene!
Nice Friend Karen was going to LongArm Arlenes and offered to take Janet's quilts.  Janet very stupidly forgot to pre-wash the navy batik fabric in the centre.
See the purplish fabric on the left?  Janet was quite lukewarm on that quilt until she and Karen went to the Fabric Show last weekend and she bought the cool diamond print for outer border and backing.  Inner border is even cooler - Grunge fabric from Moda!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Yard Work All Done!

We finished off our huge gardening pile by the curb and then Holli, the Gardener came and did a ton of pruning so now our pile is gigantic.

I don't know if it was the excitement of getting to help with the gardening or not, but I had a bad day where I was sick a couple of times and even passed up on my breakfast!  And cookie!  Janet picked up my breakfast bowl while Noodles finished off hers.  Then, when Janet returns to the kitchen, Phil says - "look she's eating her breakfast".  He didn't realize it was me with the upset tummy so Noodles scored two breakfasts in one morning.  It's just like cagey, cagey Noodles to not let Phil know she had already had her meal.  Bonus day for Noodles!

So, because I wasn't feeling well, I got the the Sick Doggie Menu.  This consists of cooked ground beef, cooked rice and cottage cheese.  It was really good!
Rock Star Ball Finder that I am, I managed to score another tennis ball at Willows Beach.  That meant I could eliminate one of them.
I will gently hold the other one in my paws until the moment of destruction arrives.
Janet says if you throw a blob of ink on a piece of paper and then fold it in half, you will have two versions of the same pattern.  Here we are, being identical ink blobs of each other.

Never mind those crappy dog beds - I think I will avail myself of the humans pillows.  Way more comfortable!
We have chiropractors in our family.  Could those elcheapo beds be good for us?  We, we demand Temurpedic doggie beds.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

As Scarce As Hens Teeth

Who would ever have thought this was possible?  Look, Janet even has photographic evidence!

It's Phil - working in the garden!
Most of the bamboo has gone to seed.

Yup....that's Phil!
I wish I could come out and give a paw.
Please?  I will behave and be helpful!
Yay!  I get to help out.  Janet says we need to break down the large pieces into smaller ones so that Oak Bay will pick up our stuff from the curb later this month.
Janet was under the gun to get Briana's birthday present finished and mailed before her birthday on Sunday.  Turns out Canada Post can deliver almost anything on time if you pay enough.  Janet very carefully tracked her package numerous times; kind of (mostly) hoping it wouldn't arrive on time and Janet could get back her pricey shipping.  No such luck!  It was delivered on time.
It has bikes on it!

A puppy girl enjoys a good Nylabone.
I'm proud to say that our pile curbside is the largest on our street.  This is called "gettin' the job done" when a puppy gives a helping paw.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Janet Needs Some Serious Excitement In Her Life!

Poor Janet!  It's enough to make a puppy dog weep.  Her life is so dull, it's not even funny.  We just don't know how she can stand it.

Puppy girls - oh, yeah!  We know how to live the good life.

Phil decided to go to Whistler to ski for the weekend, so we had a "staycation".  Talk about quiet and relaxing!  Janet made some stuff for Phil to take to Whistler and to Squamish as he was going there on Friday to have dinner with Mr. Baby.  Mr. Baby can now say "Ya Ya" and "Grandpa".
Ricotta stuffed pasta shells with ground beef and Italian sausage, chocolate chip cookies and blueberry muffins.
Noodles helped Janet with the cooking chores.
Smack dab in the area Janet is working in.

While he was gone, Janet took us twice a day to either Willows or Firemans Park.  Noodles has the exact same routine every time we go to Willows.
She heads over to the far wall and walks toward the sidewalk.
And a different  same routine at Firemans.  Soon Firemans Park will be nirvana!  Those little baseball "playing" tykes will be back and some of them don't have a snowballs chance in hell of catching the balls.  Nor do they care enough to look for them.
Rolling on the baseball diamond while I enjoy a good stick.
We got to frolic in the backyard after Janet cut the grass.  Super fun as we haven't been down there for several months.
See what a clever girl I am, holding the bone in my paws.  I'm also as fast as lightening.  Janet left the trash compactor open for about 2 seconds and BAM - I was Johnny On The Spot selecting a chicken wing bone.  Janet didn't think that was so clever and pried my mouth wide open to retrieve the pieces.  Then I got a big lecture about the dangers of bones - a lecture I'm not likely to recall should I have the good fortune of an open compactor again.

This was also not my brightest moment.  I was convinced it was a ball and nearly dislocated Janet's shoulder getting over there.
We enjoy our food so much that the bowls often end up far from the kitchen!
Phil....we want our cookies now!
Janet made yakisoba from some noodles she bought at Costco.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Janet Is Really Low On Blogging Topics

We have reached a new low that  even I, Pashyminders, would have thought impossible.
Ab-so-lute-ly.  Nothing.  Going.  On.  In.  Our.  Lives.   Ouch!

That's not entirely true - Karen called Janet to let her know their long time mutual friend Gill was coming for the weekend.  They met for lunch and had a ball.  Janet dropped by Karen's while Gill was there the next day and they all chatted for about an hour.  No photographs!  Come on, Janet!

Our big excitement this week is our new microwave!  Yes!  Janet is super happy.

Our old microwave (the new one is the exact same as the old one) worked fine, but the latch had ceased to close properly for several months.  The door had to be finessed shut in order to work.  Janet's prediction was that the microwave would fully break down on Christmas day.  Too bad there wasn't a lottery as Janet would have won big time.

On this one occasion only, Phil who lives to save any single item he has ever owned managed to go to the attic and pull out this jobby - no room in the kitchen so it's in the back porch.  It takes forever to warm up anything and you don't even want to know how long it takes to really poorly defrost meat.  However, it was better than not having a micro.

Good thing it was in the back porch as it's so old it may have been transmitting bad micros to puppy girls!
 New one...funny - it looks just like the old one except we don't have to slam the door shut.  Janet is really happy.
Jeremy did a super job of installing it.  The death of the previous model was expedited over the Christmas season with extra hands trying to finesse it shut.
Noodles is a really cheap date.  She just loves ice cubes.

Waiting, waiting, Phil.  Come on buddy!

Phil discovered a really cool program on the computer.  He made this super cute card for Janet for Valentines Day in about 10 minutes.  Janet has just purchased her last card at the drugstore!

Janet has a really exciting week upcoming, so perhaps she will have something interesting to blog about.  Thursday is Chinese New Years Lunch at her volunteer job and after that she is going to quilting.  She is also on a stay-cation as Phil is going skiing on Thursday.  Toss in channeling really deep into her inner nerves of steel to drive to LongArm Arlenes and it's going to be busy!