Monday, December 15, 2014

And Another Week Flies By!

Wow!  Time has flown by again!  We did a lot if stuff this week.

We started off with Phil's birthday.  Janet arranged for a "surprise" party for him at Sun Wah.  He claimed he was caught off guard, but Janet seriously doubts it.

 Then, we put up the Christmas Tree.
The bottom third of the tree was free of ornaments, pending Mr. Baby's arrival.  Just kidding!
The tree stood in the stand for two days with lights on, but no decorations.

I was some what nervous about this newly erected structure in our living room, so I hid behind the sofa.
A few minutes later, Janet insists I sit in front of the tree for a photo op and five minutes later:
Many, many bad words were shouted.
Next up - Noodles turned 13 on Saturday!  Yay!  Who doesn't like a party?
This photo is not blurry - it's your eyes!

Janet says it's really hard to take photos of us with our party attire on.
And, the people had a party!  The neighbours all came over.

Janet asked Phil to be in charge of photos at the party.  These are the only two photo and Janet took them!
Noodles was a bad girl and got into the party garbage.
She is also seriously going crazy.  We went for our walk and all of a sudden she is charging down the street.  Noodles hasn't charged since 2010!  Her destination was the polar bear on Gordon's lawn - she was going to show him a thing or two!

Monday, December 8, 2014

A Whole Week Flies By!

Wow!  A whole week has just flown by.  Here's an update!

Two Sundays ago, it was the annual Oak Bay Light Up when they turn on all the Christmas lights on all the stores on the Avenue.  It was pretty.
Then, Phil came home from his tropical vacation in Lethbridge.  Whilst he was enjoying the sun snow and mai tais hot chocolate, we were slaving away doing all manner of household chores.
Yay!  He's home and we are super happy to see him.

Noodles is practicing her doggie statue routine while he makes our food.
Noodles really does enjoy assisting Janet with cooking.
Can you believe it - a doggie towel tussle!  With Noodles!  This is a really big week for Noodles as she turns 13 years old on Saturday.  Janet looked it up and that is the equivalent of 82 human years!
Karen and Janet were recently chatting about how you don't see many German Shepherds any more.  Next day we go to the sidewalk beside the beach and we saw a Bloodhound and a puppy to boot.  Even more rare than German Shepherds.

Janet sent two quilts, two bibs and a tag blanket to Briana so she could take them to her friend she is visiting in Vancouver who has a new baby.
Janet thinks this is one of her favourites.

She sent two as she had forgotten how small this one was.
Then, off we went to post the parcel.
Look, it's doggie in drugstore!
Janet's all time favourite Christmas gig is the Big Truck Parade.  The first year she went, she was pretty much thinking it would be totally lame ass, but loved it.  She missed three parades because she went to Camp U.S.A. to babysit me and then last year, she completely forgot.  We went this year and Janet cried, like she always does at parades.

She said is was really hard to take photos that were in focus.
Phil put up our Christmas tree.  Watch it explode after he cuts off the twine.

As usual, we were left at home so they could go have lunch out.  They went to Pizzeria Prima Strada.  Janet says they have a yummy new menu.
Clearly, it's also difficult to get a photo of polenta is focus as well!  At least the trucks were moving!  Janet loved this and wants to try to make it at home.  Fluffy polenta with melted cheese, eggplant and tomatoes.

Just for fun, Janet tried her hand at free motion quilting.  She is pretty sure there are many more hours of practice before actually doing a real quilt.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

It Snowed!

Ouch!  We are supposed to be living in the "tropical" part of Canada, but it is not the case of late!  It snowed last night.  Janet put on her Bogs and took us down to Fireman's Park.
Noodles decided to make a snow dongel (that's a doggie version of a snow angel!).
We were joined by our new buddy Riley, who lives at the end of our street.  Riley is only 7 months old, so this is her first experience with snow.  She made Janet laugh and laugh as she kept snow surfing, head first.

OK, enough already, Riley!  This blog is about us and you and your cute puppy antics are stealing our thunder!
Phil went to Lethbridge on Thursday, so Janet is on an at home vacation.  She is living the good life!  Imagine, if you can - everything is in it's place, the house remains tidy and no one is making dinner "suggestions"!

She still has some room for improvement, but check out the mitered corner on the quilt she is finishing up.
While you're at it, check out her lame photography skills.
Janet worries a lot about Noodles.  She forgets how tough Noodles is.
She thinks Noodles is too skinny and that her face has an unhealthy look.  It has now become apparent that Noodles drags her back legs as both paws have really short toenails.   Toenails?  Pawnails?
I'm super cagey.  My signature move is to approach people with a toy and then back my bum into them and taunt them with my toy.  Turns out the people aren't that interested in the toy, but they humour me anyway.
Phil says - give it up Pashy.  I declined.
After all the frolicking in our Winter Wonderland, we are exhausted!

Good night Teddy Bear and Prairie Pal.

Monday, November 24, 2014

One Year!

Can you believe it?  It's been a whole year since I came to Camp Canada!  I felt it prudent to have a small chat with Noodles and let her know that she isn't going to boss me around anymore and that we will need to share the toys.
Well, that is share them when I don't want them and I will take the bed, thank you very much.
 Noodles was going for lots of walks until the rainy weather arrived and she slowed down again.  On Saturday, it was sunny so we trooped over to Willows Beach.  Noodles seems to be getting slower although Janet swears up and down that it's not physically possible.
C-R-E-A-K!  Noodles scaling up what may as well have been Mt. Everest.
On Sunday, Janet and Phil drove out to Long Arm Quilt Lady, Arlene.  On the return, they did something they don't normally do at home - they stopped to see inside a church.  Not just any church, but St. Stephen's Anglican Church.  It was built in 1862 and is the oldest church in BC in continual use.  Janet had never been here before.

They stopped at Brentwood Bay Inn for lunch.  Not up to British standards, but good never the less.

I almost always whip my puppy dog buttcrack to the front door when they come home, but Noodles not so much.
Her ear is all askew and she's wearing her tired face.
Guess what Janet discovered?  Left overs!  She will eat them for breakfast or lunch, but has always refused to eat them for dinner.  Last night, she didn't have a dinner plan and wanted to do something else, so they made some rice and had Pork and Pine Nut stir fry from a couple of nights ago.
This is ground breaking stuff at our house!
Janet started to assemble her British farm fabric.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We Actually Get On The Sand!

This is huge when walking with major anal pants easy going Janet!  We actually got on the beach! She didn't plan it, but here is how it unfolded - we went to Willows Beach Park for Noodles favourite walk.  Janet let her off leash and Noodles strolled along the side fence until we arrived at the playground.  All of a sudden, Noodles picks up her pace (who knew she had it in her!) and starts trooping over to the stairs to the beach.  Noodles whipped out her "I'm a deaf doggie card" (if interested, she could also sell you some pencils with her little doggie sized deaf card) and bolted.  Of course, I also had to join in on the sandy fun!
The sand quotient is quite diminished by the amount of seaweed.

Nice roll, Noodles!

I'm going to enjoy eating this kelp as quickly as possible as I know Janet will call the party to a halt.
Yesterday, we went to Fireman's Park, and again Noodles plays deaf.  They are digging big trenches for underground sprinklers.  She boxes herself in and her only option is to jump across the trench.  Noodles mind might be 8 years old, but she forgets her body is almost 13!  In an effort to save themselves many dollars of Vet bills, Phil gave her a hand.

Noodles In Air!  Dollar Wise Phil could see the potential credit card damage!
What's Janet cooking these days?  Broccoli Cheddar Soup.  Yummy.
Pioneer Woman recipe.
Butter Chicken Schnitzel from Vij Home Cooking Cook Book.  Janet said also yummy.
Janet's "studio" doesn't have enough floor space to lay out a larger than baby size quilt, so she has to put it on the living room floor.  I just love to help.  In fact, I think it might be one of my favourite things!
Janet, this backing is to die for!

And the batting appears to be of a high quality!

This photo is after I was actually dragged off the quilting project but still felt the need for some involvement.
I want to be best buddies with these guys!  I love flying leaves.  I am more relaxed now but I used to yank like crazy to chase leaves in the wind.  I was super excited and started to pull Janet to the pile they were blowing.
This is Janet's latest quilt project.  I think we told you before she bought the fabric in the UK and it was a British designer with the fabric made in the UK.  Janet says it was a bit pricey, but WTF she wanted the UK aspect.  She didn't want to make Phil wait, so she didn't check to see how the prices compared to fabrics from home or the U.S.
Playing with the pieces.