Tuesday, April 26, 2016


We have a sadly really cute and adorable addition to our family - Watson!  AKA known as major competition!  Do you really think he's that cute?  The jury is out for us older pups.
According to Janet, he has all kinds of kick ass, cutie pie moves that we feel are designed by him to make us oldies look lame.  He looks pretty innocent, but we seriously question his motives.

He walks super cute:
He plays with door stops super cute:
He sleeps super cute:
and, more super cute sleeping:

Seriously, he even bathes cutely - this is way too much for us oldie moldies to handle!
WE think he looks like a skinny little runt!

This is Janet bathing him and taking a selfie at the same time.  Janet said she needed two more hands!

OK, OK..this is so over the top on his behalf...he dries off after the bath in an incredibly cute style!  This has to be a conspiracy on some level!

Watson likes to bound down to his local Library which is the best spot to meet the newest members of "Watson Fan Club".
We will meet Mr. Watson in a couple of months.  He trooped off to Puppy Dog Boot Camp the day before we arrived.  Everyone (except the OD (original dogs!) was super sad.

Bye bye, super cute little pal!
Thats Cindy on the left, dog trainer extraordinaire!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Janet Says

that she is getting rid of all the f**king shit in our house if it's the last thing she does!  She started on the top floor and cleaned out a closet that has about 25 years of (again, we quote Janet ) f**king shit in it.

When it comes to getting rid of stuff, Janet has a scorched earth policy.  Sometimes she regrets it, but most often not.  Next up - the basement and now Janet has a partner in crime.  We need to have the remaining nob and tube wiring in our house removed and the electrician says he won't do it unless the basement is cleaned up.  High five, Lance!

Treasures from the upstairs closet:
Seriously, who doesn't have the box from their Betamax?  Janet says our children used this machine so much it was down to pennies a tape!

Never mind Betamax...how about the box for the Power Pad?

Janet found one of Phil's Olympic togs.  Apparently they someone might have packed on a little beef liked their windbreakers "snug" in1972!
This sucker has to be at least 50 years old, so why they dragged it to Victoria 33 years ago is anybody's guess.
Actually, it's not anyone's guess at all.  Phil can't stand to throw shit out.  Believe it or not, there is a label affixed that says "Made in Holland".  Who knew Holland had a huge tape player industry back in the day?
The aftermath:
There was some good stuff upstairs - old Lego and Playmobil that Janet says our children used to play with.
A "My Little Pony" peeking outside the box.

Then she moved downstairs.  A couple of weeks ago, Janet tackled the cabinet in the bathroom so moved onto the closet in the tv media room.

Look - batteries that expire in 1999!  NKOB board game!  Oak Bay News from 1999 with Bronwyn lining up outside the theatre for hours to buy tickets for Star Wars!

So, how does it look now?

This one might not look so impressive, but you had to know there was stuff from floor to ceiling and it was packed in tight.
Janet and I went to the grocery store.  I am such a good little puppy girl, I wait outside very patiently whilst she shops.
In any world but ours, this would not merit mention.  But over here, in Pashy-NoodiesVille, this is earth shattering!  Janet self served gas!  This is something she hasn't done for a least a decade and a half.  She carefully weighed out her options and decided her fear of running out of gas on a busy road overshadowed her fear of self serve.
She was shocked at how easy it was!
Well, that's it...we doggies are tuckered out from two blot posts in three day!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Janet Takes an Unneeded Break!

Janet has been more than remiss in doing our blog for us, but we're back baby!

Last Christmas, Bronwyn gave Janet the gift of "40 Years of Hello Kitty" tickets, fancy hotel room and outstanding steak dinner.

Janet flew over on Kenmore Air and spent the first day by herself as Bronwyn had to work and couldn't come until Saturday morning.

This is the view from the flight.  Janet thinks Kenmore Air is fabulous - downtown to downtown in 45 minutes!  Great views and really small aircraft.  Back in the day, you could get last minute internet specials for $59 each way, but that is no longer the case.
On the way from the float plane to the hotel, Janet passed this odd construction site.  She had no clue what it was, but Bronwyn looked it up later and it's new buildings for Google.
Janet also passed by this store and thinks of Toshio every time she sees it.  This is where, many years ago, Toshio came to purchase a tuxedo for Koji and Hitomi's wedding.
Hotel Monaco - great rooms in a really good location and the rate was super.  It included parking (which in Seattle is $40/night), a $10 gift card for the restaurant/bar and a $50 Visa gift card.  What's not to like?
Next day, a walk to Uwajimaya, lunch and Hello Kitty!  Janet thinks this Wagyu beef looks like it will melt in your mouth.
Also not cheap, as you can see on price labels!

They even have Hello Kitty transit in Seattle!
The steak!  They went to The Metropolitan Grill, where Phil and Janet had been a couple of times previous - once with Toshio and Phil says he can remember only two times where Toshio ate all his meal.  This was one of them.  Janet and Bronwyn shared an incredible 42oz long bone rib eye steak.  Yes, that is a lot of meat.  It is carved tableside and cost the earth (or however many patients Bronwyn needed to see to pay for it!

It was so good!
Look!  Stack 'o quilts back from LongArm Arlene along with Stack 'o binding.

Janet and Phil gave this quilt to Phil's clients, Liz and Jim.  They were thrilled.
Check out this beauty!  Janet would give anything to say she made this quilt, but she didn't.  Peggy, who goes to Quilting Class on Thursdays made it.  Janet thinks it's stunning.

See you again, real soon!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

International Rockers Remembrance Day

Is it an official holiday?  We kind of doubt it, but are certain it should be so.  Today marks two years since Mr. Rockers passed away.

Janet finds it hard to believe that two years have passed by as there is rarely a day she doesn't think about him.

Back in the day, they used to be able to do this:
Janet says Noodles used to spend hours on the bed, looking out the window.  This bed is in the spare room as Rockers was too big to jump up on Janet and Phil's bed.

Rockers says, "Come on, Phil...we goin' for a walk or what?"

The one and only time Noodles ever slept at the end of the hallway was when Rockers was sick.  It was like she knew there was something wrong.  If only she could have conveyed it to Janet and Phil.  Janet took the photo as it was an unusual spot for Noodles to sleep.
This is the evening before Rockers passed away.  Neither Janet nor Phil had a clue he was so ill.
Lovely, lovely Mr. Rockers.

In the meantime, over in Idiotville, we are trooping it out.  The first day of Daylight Savings Time was a major learning curve for these two fools.  Janet adjusted all the clocks Saturday night and went to bed.  She woke up at 8AM on Sunday and was as refreshed as could possibly be.  She and Phil watched one of their favourite Brit shows and then Phil got ready for an 11AM appointment.

 Phil comes storming down the hallway and wants to know why Janet didn't tell him the clocks had been changed.  Janet gets on her high horse and lets him know in a very snippy fashion "I changed every clock in the house, with the exception of your wristwatch, so not quite sure how you could  have missed it!"  Turns out Mensa Club Janet turned the clocks back instead of forward!  Her 8AM wake up was really 10AM.  Watching the TV show until 10:30AM was really half past noon.  Needless to say, the morning was shot and Phil missed his 11AM appointment as now it's 1PM.

Then, just for fun, she dropped her iPhone in the toilet!  Turns out it's OK.  Sheesh!
We went for the big puppy dog walk today - that's the one where Noodles stays home.  I spotted a couple of tennis balls inside the court at Windsor Park so Janet opened up the gate for me.

Kill joy Phil refused to stand by whilst I shredded the ball.  Off we go again!
Janet loves the Dinner With Julie blog.  She often makes this Tortellini dish with spinach and Italian sausage.  Phil bought the tortellini and the spinach at Save On Foods.
Low and behold, when Phil took a bite, he came across this:
They think it was part of the processing equipment.  Phil went back the next day to  bitch and get something for free  let them know for the greater good of humanity, lest fellow consumers fall prey.  Turns out being a humanitarian pays off as they gave him a $50 gift card that he snatched before they changed their minds graciously accepted after declining several times.
Remember the self sorting peppers at Janet's volunteer job?  Last week it was colourful cauliflower!
We doggies really miss Rockers, but we still love each other.
A rare moment when Noodles is awake!  Good night all.