Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Janet Takes A Vacation!

As if Janet isn't already living the good life, now she goes on ANOTHER Hawaiian vacation.  She has gone to Maui with Mr. Baby,  Mr. Baby's handler Meg and Mr. Baby's press agent, Bronwyn.  Mr. Baby thinks he is a major Rock Star and needs a full retinue of staff!  Janet's reasoning is that she was so sick when she and Phil went to the Big Island in January that she was unable to enjoy herself - good one, Janet!

With the exception of Bronwyn, they met in Vancouver and as they were checking in, Meg says...."I forgot something at home".  Janet is thinking no biggie - sunglasses, sunhat, bathing suit....all manageable.  What Meg forgot was her drivers license and credit card.  Janet did her best to act calm but inside her head is screaming in all caps WTF!  ARE YOU NUTS?  This now means that Janet has to be the primary driver when she doesn't even want to be to secondary driver. 

Meg's car plan was good - until said driver did not have a license.  The rental was from a local company that rent "gently used" vehicles and didn't charge for baby seats or additional drivers.  All of this is a huge saving.  Meg was meant to pick up Bronwyn later that evening but no can do without a drivers license. There wasn't a snowballs chance in hell that Janet was driving back to the airport on the HIGHWAY in the DARK!  Highway, maybe.  Dark, maybe.  Together, no way!  Now, Bronwyn needs her own vehicle.

Here's Janet, at the wheel of her bitchin" 2009 Nissan Sentra!  POS - Piece of Shit Car!
 However, we all know Janet - roll with the punches.  Mrs. Happy Go Lucky.  Whist Janet is busting a gut in the kitchen, her daughters have sussed out their favourite spots.

Mr. Baby loves the sand so much he has decided to enjoy it from his stroller.

Getting ready to go:

It's early, but thus far Mr. Big hates the sand, the ocean and the pool!
Please, oh please, why can't I be a doggie that makes footprints in the sand on Maui!
Mr. Baby enjoys a snack whilst roaming around our lanai (patio!)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Let The Games Begin!

Who doesn't love spring?  I sure do!  In Camp Canada, we have not one, but two baseball diamonds in Firemans Park.  A half a block away!

Here are the first two balls I nabbed from the bushes.
I like to show them off whenever someone comes to our house.
We went to the park yesterday and I had to go in deep.

and deeper...

and even deeper!
It paid off in spades!
Now that Janet has nearly finished gardening in both yards, it's time to look at the pots on the deck.  She planted a banana tree.  I have noticed that Noodles likes to nibble on soil, so decided to give it a whirl myself.  Not bad!
Janet gets after us for snacking from the pots.
Oh oh!  Busted!

Traces of soil around the top of my mouth!  Everyone thinks my blocky style of head is so cute.  I won't waste my energy arguing with them.
We went down to the beach a few days ago - it was a doggie frolick-o-rama!

This is Kimchee, who is the boss of Gardener Holli.  Kimchee is 12 years old and goes to work with Holli everyday.  I still want to be a doggie with a job!
Isn't she cute?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Janet's Quilting Action Takes A Beating!

Janet is a fair weather gardener.  If there is even a hint of potential rain, she calls it off and quilts instead.  Unfortunately, the weather here has been nothing short of sensational!

They hadn't purchased compost for three years and decided it was time to do so.  Janet ordered  1 1/2 yards and then consulted with Holli, Gardener as to how much she needed.  Holli said 5 yards!  That was far too much for Janet to wrap her head around, so she upped her order to 3 yards.

It was delivered by a nice man who takes his doggie, Chloe to work.  She is 10 years old and the Nice Man figures Chloe has gone on about 3200 deliveries!
I wish I could be a go to work doggie like Chloe!
On Good Friday, while everyone else is enjoying Easter activities, they buckled down and started shoveling.    Karen happened to be walking by and then went home and came back with her wheelbarrow and shovel.
Look at me - helping out with the gardening again and being so well behaved.

Turns out my being well behaved was short lived as I caught a glimpse of Olly, next door neighbour kitty.
Janet made me go back behind the gate.  I resisted and tried to stare her down, but she wasn't buying it.  Once behind the gate, I gave her several "if you know what's good for you" barks, but she held firm.  Finally I had to resort to what I thought would be heart melting crying -  all to no avail.
As if Janet hadn't had enough fun with the compost, she power washed the patio next door.

Look!  Coming to a baseball diamond near our home - they've cleaned it all up which can only mean one thing.  Baseball season!
Janet says she is going to keep an accurate count of how many balls I find this year.
Frank and Shirley asked Janet and Phil to go out for dinner at The King and Thai, which is very close to our house.  Fool hardy Janet was sure it was going to be Thai food, but it turned out she was wrong and it was Chinese Hot Pot.  Delicious!
Spicy broth on the left hand side.

An unbelievable turn of events at our house.  Janet finally gets a mobile that isn't somebodies piece of shit crap hand me down.  Janet's current phone beeps all day long to let her know she is in a service area.
iPhone 6!
Think my teddy bear and I will take a little break.  This blogging business is exhausting!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Janet Gets A Parcel!

A couple of weeks ago, FatQuarterShop.com had a 20% off sale with free shipping to Canada.  This was exciting for Janet.

She waited and waited for the parcel and it finally arrived about 8 days after it was shipped.
You won't be able to read the teeny tiny print on the label.  There was a $16 charge for GST which is fair enough and a $10 bullshit rip off "handling fee" from Canadian Border Services!  Janet managed to rant and rave about this for a couple of hours.  She says, "yes, it's only $10, but you don't have to pay this stupid fee when you fly into the country and have to pay overage.  
Before she gets all wound up again, here is her pretty array of fabric:
Meg says Mr. Baby Big likes dinosaurs and will  be  big enough for a tyke size bed soon, so we have dinosaurs, Mother Goose and two other bundles for lap size quilts.
Janet has spent alot of time working in the yard next door and it is now a blank slate!

Now look:
Jeremy and his friend Dustin are building a new fence along the back to keep the deer out.  Janet loves the deer, but not dining on her plants!
We decided to be big buds and share the same bed.  How cute is that?
Most of the time I'm kind of a pushover, but I held my ground firm whilst relaxing under the kitchen table.  No, Janet, I will not move so you can mop under me!  Much to my shock, Anal Cleaning Lady let it go!
Guess who's going to see Ringo Starr??  Well, I'm not all that big of a fan and Noodles says she isn't either so that leaves Janet and Phil.  They are super excited - Ringo Star and His All Starr Band on 08 October.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


This week marks one year since our much beloved Rockers passed away.  We think of him everyday - sometimes with sadness but mostly with a smile as we remember what a big, gentle giant he was.  A doggie so sweet, who lived to please you and was afraid of his own shadow!

Assistant Nanny!
Pony pup, when they couldn't actually lay their hands on a real pony!
Janet cherishes how much Rockers loved her.  Come on, Janet, isn't it bath time?
Every day, without fail, whenever Janet had a bath, Rockers waited outside the bathroom door on the left hand side as you enter the bathroom.
His big cold nose was always welcome.
He would lay his head on your lap waiting to be gently petted.

I'm a super good guy!
He loved Bronwyn and Mike as much as he loved Janet and Phil.

He suffered, along with his sister, the indignity of the stupid effing fabulous party hats the humans love to torture us with.
Rockers was everything a guy could hope for in a brother, cousin and human companion.  He is missed so much.

On another sad note, Rubby Dubs was born 15 years ago today.  Time flies!

Good night!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Guess Who Came To Visit!

Mr. Baby came to see us!  Noodles loves Mr. Baby so much she hobbled up the steep stairs at least twice to let him know how happy she was to see him.

Mr. Baby has a couple of new gigs.  First one, Pirate Baby!
Ahoy, Matey!
He is fascinated with doors and loves to open and close them - many, many times!  Janet says (we hope she's joking) that she is going to call the condo on Maui to see if all interior doors can be removed.  Doable?

There was a big mess outside the closet upstairs as Meg was searching for the wooden Brio train set.  She found the train set and numerous other treasures.

Cool old wooden train set.  Meg says that all train sets nowadays use the same track.

Open, shut, open shut.  Repeat.
Meg's friend from medical school had a baby boy, so Meg is going to give her friend this quilt that Janet made with a bonus of two homemade bibs!  Meg thinks the bibs are the greatest as they are so large.

You can only see one bib which is the big polka dots. The red ribbon came on a package that Phil received for Christmas.
Crazy YoYo and equally Crazy Mr. Baby's Mother decided they should go to the Petting Farm.
  We think this is YoYo's secret plan to go and not look like a 61 1/2 year fool who cries when baby goats run around.

Finley was bucking the plan from the get go.

Let's put on your rainsuit!
I don't think so, Mama!

Seriously, Mama, it doesn't look that great outside.
Looks like he knew way more than the two so called "people in charge"!
This was across the road.  Ouch!
 End result...Finley was way smarter the other two!
His Mama is rockin' a Keroppi umbrella!
After the non petting farm visit, they went for pizza!  "So Yoyo, could you hand me a piece of Diavolo pizza please?
Janet has been as busy as could be (at her sewing machine!) Check out her stack o' quilts to go to Longarm Arlene!
Nice Friend Karen was going to LongArm Arlenes and offered to take Janet's quilts.  Janet very stupidly forgot to pre-wash the navy batik fabric in the centre.
See the purplish fabric on the left?  Janet was quite lukewarm on that quilt until she and Karen went to the Fabric Show last weekend and she bought the cool diamond print for outer border and backing.  Inner border is even cooler - Grunge fabric from Moda!