Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Peeps Throw A Party!

Yay!  We invite some people into the house and I have a new semi-buddy!

Our neighbours next door have a cute little guy named Wolf.  He had a bad fall and had to go to the hospital for what his Mom and Dad thought was a routine MRI.  Turns out they went to the hospital Friday morning and Wolf and his Mom, Amber didn't return home until Monday morning.  As Wolf's Dad was also at the hospital all day long, we took their dog Bean for walks and she chilled at our place during the day.

Bean has a very relaxed lay-down.  Janet says she may know yoga!

Got some snacks up there, Phil?  Truth be known, Bean makes me a tad nervous.  She always comes when she is called and obeys almost all she is asked to do.  I'm not that hot on obedience, but always assumed Janet and Phil loved my "free spirited, adventurous" personality.  Should I be worried?
We had a BBQ!  They invited neighbours and friends.  It was fun!
Lolo AKA Lori and Neighbour Jim.  Lolo is one of Janet's oldest friend (in terms of friendship, not age as Janet is older!)  They have been friends for more than 25 years and Janet thinks she is the greatest thing since sliced bread!  The exception to that rule would be when they are photographed side by side and Lolo looks as teeny as could be and Janet looks like the Jolly White Grey Haired Giant!

Mary-Adele, Cynthia, Dave and Peter.

Random feet, Jack and Gwen, Ken and two more sets of random feet.  Nice job on the photos Phil! 

Kiddies in the backyard.
Janet was worried there was too much food, but it was nearly all gone.  Appetizers - Seven Layer Dip, Smoked Salmon Roll Ups and Gyoza.  Main Course - Slow Cooker Baked Beans, Prime Rib Roast Beef, Grilled Vegetable Salad, Watermelon Salad (thanks Karen!), Corn on the Cob and Orzo Spinach Salad.  Dessert - Choc Chip Cookies, Lemon Squares, Brownies, Blueberry Sour Cream Cake and Blueberry Bonanza (thanks Jack and Gwen).  That sounds like a ton of food to me, but what do I know....I'm a puppy dog!

Not that I, a mere puppy dog know anything, but I am of the opinion Janet should tighten up her apron so it doesn't look like she weighs about 50 more pounds than she really does!
We seem to have lots of new friends in the 'hood these days.

Janet, Phil and myself still mourn Noodles. We are going to get her urn from the Vet's office real soon so she can enjoy front and centre with Rockers.  Janet says we will take some ashes to Hood River and spread them on the hill they loved to roll down.

Sharon sent this great card when Noodles passed away.  Sharon is Jeremy's super former neighbour and Janet loves the card.  Thanks, Sharon!

Good night, everyone!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I Am A Swimming Maniac!

It has just been discovered in Camp Canada, that I love, love swimming!  Janet and Phil took me to a beach close to home for the first time and now I have been to the beach twice, once to Thetis Lake Park and once to Beaver Lake Park.  We had to be careful with Noodles the last few months and thus, didn't have too many big adventures.

Janet says they have been to Beaver Lake Park about twice in the last decade.  Both time, by major accident it was the stupid effing charming Saanich Strawberry Festival.  This translates to one million stupid people and no parking spots.  They were pissed!

However, as always, they like to make turn a negative (yeah, right) into a positive and we forged ahead!

Bouncy Castle heaven - Hello, Meg!!

You can tell Meg isn't here as the Bouncy Castle is still standing!

I did my best to drag Janet to the water so I could go for a little swim!

I love to play the helpless pup routine and make Phil lift me into the back of the car.  Even when I was a young pup, I couldn't wrap my puppy dog brain around jumping into the back.  Perhaps if we drove a high end BMW or Audi SUV, I might be able to make a go of it.  A several years old Volvo Wagon - give me a hand, Phil.

Meanwhile, closer to home, Janet expressed some serious attitude towards the sand on the floor.  I promise, Janet, despite enough sand on the bedroom floor to build a sand castle, I did not go on the beach, as per your directive!
The people bought a new patio table set!
The old set was basically a heap of rust with a tile top.
Phil purchased some sashimi tuna from Uwajimaya when we were in PDX.  They said it was delicious!
We checked out the Water Park at Carnarvon Park for when Mr. Finley arrives.  It looks like fun, but no dogs allowed!  This is outright discrimination and I will paw a letter to our MLA to express my dissatisfaction.

Last night, we had major drama that I was not involved in.  Phil left the house in the evening to run an errand and then called Janet to say there was a loose dog on our street.  Janet grabbed a leash and some cookies to find the lost pup.  Turns out, this doggie was all over the map in Oak Bay and was running hard for more than an hour down the middle of all the roads she was on.  There were about 12 people and 4 or 5 cars trying to corral her. 

I don't want to brag, but Janet says Phil and another lady saved the day!  The puppy was on Beach Drive and crossed over to the sidewalk in a small park near the Marina.  Phil drove across the road onto the sidewalk and another lady pulled her car up on the other side.  This forced the puppy off the road.  She ran into the water and swam for a little, but by this time was so exhausted she came to the rocks at the waters edge and Phil carried her out.

Her name is Stella and she had only been with her people for 5 hours.  She was a rescue from Mexico and when they opened the door to go for a walk, she bolted.  Her people were so grateful and Stella was as sweet as could be.

Super cute, but stressed little girl.  Bet she slept well on her first night in Canada!  The kindness of people in Oak Bay is unbelievable.

Before I go to bed, Janet, would you mind getting my ball out from underneath the cabinet for me?

I am exhausted just thinking about Stella's adventures!
I am exhausted just thinking about Stella's adventure!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Noodles Last Road Trip

Shortly before Noodles passed away, we drove to PDX to bring Janet home.  While Phil thrives on housework and garden work, he felt she need to get her neglectful ass home.  Enough with the puppy sitting and pedicures!

Watson tried really hard to be our buddy.  I was lukewarm to being pals with Mr. Incredibly Cute and Adorable Jackass, but now that it's just he and I, I am thinking I best make a go of it.  Noodles, however, was having no part of it!  It didn't matter what Watson went to play with, Noodles with her crickety, glacially paced walk hustled her really old butt over to the item in question and let him know she needed it.  And, for good measure, tossed in some growls!

He did a little psycho doggie routine when we first arrived, jumping and bouncing around on furniture he is not normally allowed to touch.

I had to engage with him a little, as it would be rude to not to do so.
Bronwyn took us on a doggie trifecta walk.
One of Watson's favourite things to do is take all his toys from the kitchen floor and drop them down the stairs to the landing.  What a goldmine!
I let him know who was running the show!
Please, oh please, Pashy.  Couldn't I have just one of my own toys?
We kind of became buddies as the visit went on.
Check this out.
Even his stupid back feet sleep in an adorable position.  He is killing us!
Before we knew it, we packed up and went back to Camp Canada.  Watson wanted to get in the car with us, but he needs to be somewhat cautious.  Camp Canada is code speak for the place your dog goes to "visit" and never gets returned to it's rightful owner.  I, Pashy, bark from personal experience!
Noodles was clearly off her game as she let Watson sit beside her.
Pre-ferry Dungeness Crab Fried Rice at the Thai Restaurant near the ferry terminal.

Beautiful night for a ferry ride.

More kindness for the loss of Noodles.
Beautiful flowers from Briana and Ted.

Cards from Meg and Derek, the Vet and Janet's friend Katherine.
That's all for today.  Say goodnight, Watson!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Noodles - 14 years, 6 months, 10 days

My super companion, Noodles has passed away.  Phil and Janet are sad beyond words.  They take solace in knowing Noodies had a great life and can now join Rockers in puppy dog heaven - land of never ending treats!

  On Tuesday, Janet took us down to Fireperson's Park for a little walk.  Down at the park, Noodies back end failed her four or five times and she fell over.  Within four hours, she couldn't walk at all.  Phil took her to the vet the next morning and she received a huge injection of hormones that would work (or not) within 24 hours.  It didn't work, which meant nothing further could be done.  Dr. Smith said she had a slipped disk.
On the right is the sling Phil used to ferry Noodies around.
She was a treasure!  Albeit, a mischievous, bordering on naughty treasure!
She had a real dumpy sit for two days.
One thing for sure - Noodles did not go out on an empty tummy.  On Wednesday - two breakfasts, two dinners and more cookies than could be counted.  Thursday morning, two more breakfasts and a sack of cookies to go!

And, all the buttery popcorn she wanted!
Back in the day, Noodles was a force to be reckoned with.  Whilst she had a legitimate hearing issue for the last 6 months or so, you would have thought she was born deaf - to the sound of your voice, but not the sound of the food bowl hitting the floor!

Several years ago, there was a Brownie meeting in the hall down at Fireperson's Park.  The door was open and Noodles burst into the room!  Brown Owl was not impressed and escorted Noodles off the premises!

Another time, the adults that live in this house on the bottom of Monteith, were sitting outside having a drink.  Their front door was also open and once again, Noodles invited herself in, ran through the house and came out again.
The same people still live in this house and had a doggie named Monty who passed away a few years ago.
Janet is always in awe how kind people can be.  Our great neighbours, Amber and Kris brought over some wine, flowers and a nice card.
Janet called to cancel her Thursday dining room shift because she was upset.  Today she worked at reception and was shocked at how many people knew about Noodles and wished Janet well.  Then, she received an electronic card today as well.
This makes me, Pashy, last dog standing from our original blog foursome.  Guess I will have to invite Watson, 40 pound dictator to join the party!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Janet Goes Back To PDX!

Janet really wanted to see Watson again, so she flew to Portland for 10 nights.  This little 40 pounds of soft, fluffy fur is turning out to be a major shit disturber in our old doggie lives.

He is so cute and sweet that Janet thinks the sun rises and sets on his puppy dog butt crack and tells him numerous times a day how much she loves him.   Plus, the little sucker helps with chores!

He rinses the dishes before the wash cycle:
and the mopping:
the gardening:

He takes the toilet paper to the spare room in case Janet wants to wipe her nose:

and helps Janet unpack her suitcase:
Janet says he can put his nose into the smallest zipper opening on the suitcase and in moments has it open and is dragging stuff out!
He does his best to get $10 grocery money out of Janet's bag so they can go shopping.
Not that $10CAD is going all that far in the U.S. of A.
You will have to trust Janet when she says she did not leave her bag beside the dog bed.  Nor did she leave the TV remote on the kitchen floor!

In other words, major thorn in our sides.  So, when he's not helping with the housework, he goes to swimming lessons.  Seriously.  Why were we never offered this opportunity?  We might be more well rounded and personable if we had been afforded these activities!  WTF - it's not like we grew up in the projects!!  Why him and not us?
Swimming teacher says "come in Watson, little boy"  Watson says "not bloody likely, lady!"

Watson says "OK, OK, I didn't know cookies were going to be involved!"
It was also a week of food from hell.  Bronwyn strongly suggested asked nicely if Janet could make Circus Circus Pasta.  Despite the fact that Janet had made it at home recently, she was pissed more than pleased to make it again.  She purchased Lucerne Monterey Jack cheese which was a huge mistake as the cheese congealed to the chicken and the sauce was as thin as water.
These leftovers were thrown out the next day.
Next up was a batch of chili from Silver Palate.  Bronwyn found the recipe online at Epicurious and was clearly labelled as Silver Palate's recipe.  The entire recipe had been halved on their website.  Janet couldn't believe how bad the chili unlike the 50 or 60 times she has made it previously.  She checked her cook book when she arrived home and it turns out that it had  been halved, EXCEPT for the chilli powder and cumin!  Janet said it was dreadful.
She did manage to pull off some very basic burgers with toasted buns!
 In addition to a near week of bad cooking experiences, Janet went to yoga.  They had a special for 30 days, unlimited for $40 if you were a new customer.  It wasn't the same type of yoga Janet does at home, but she was a major least according to her!  It was the kind of yoga where you "flow" from one pose to the next, but it was more like "jolt" for Janet.

That's it....we are pooped!
Watson says it's exhausting throwing down the super cute doggie routine, day in and day out!