Sunday, June 18, 2017

Nova Scotia Suicide Doors!

Janet said there were an abundance of doors in Nova Scotia that could lead to instant death, or at the very least, a broken leg.  Here a just a few of the many they spotted.

In Lunenburg, they take pedestrian safety very seriously!  Check out the flags, flag holder and a "pedestrian" implementing the flag system.
 The public washroom in Lunenburg is super!  New, nice and clean with tile work that are paintings done by local school children.

On the way back to Halifax, they stopped at Peggy's Cove.  Janet thought it was highly overrated.  They claim to have the most photographed lighthouse in Canada.  This may very well be true, but Janet was of the opinion that it wouldn't have killed them to throw on a coat of paint!

They stayed at the Alt Hotel, which is attached to the airport.  This worked out well as they had a very convenient flight time of 5:25AM!!  This is the price you pay when Mrs. Cheapskate decides to redeem points.  In a very thin attempt to justify this stupid flight time,  she told herself - "we will be home before noon and have the whole day ahead of us".  Too bad she was so knackered from the trip she didn't have the strength to enjoy her whole day at home!

Bonus at the Alt Hotel - on Wednesday night, the manager has a social evening!  Wine, beer, soft drinks and!
There wasn't a real dining room, but rather pretty good pre-made food available at the bar.
This was on the wall of the hotel bathroom and Janet thought it was really cute!
Janet always wants to make "friends" with her hotel towel, but Phil prefers to throw it on the floor after one use.  This would explain the number of towels in the laundry at home, after each and every squash game!

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